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Paventis Pizza Charlotte – This pizza was greasy and very overpriced

I had a horrible experience at Paventis Pizza in Charlotte.

It’s Sunday night and I didn’t feel like cooking so I decided to bring home a pizza for the family. There is a local pizza place in Charlotte NC, Paventis Pizza that I decided to try. I looked over the menu online and came up with what I should order.

I really like buffalo chicken pizza so I decided to order that for myself. However the rest of the family doesn’t like food that is so spicy so I ordered them just a regular cheese pizza. It would have been convenient to be able to order them online, but since it’s just a small restaurant I understood why they only took phone orders.

I called Paventis to place the order and they told me it would be done in about 15 minutes. I was happy with how fast it would be done because I was starving so I waited about 15 minutes and headed over to Paventis.

However, I found that when I showed up 15 minutes from the estimated time it would be finished my pizza still wasn’t ready. I had to wait about another 10 minutes in the restaurant while it was being cooked. I was a little annoyed that they lied to me but I was just anxious to eat.

When my pizzas were finished I paid at the register. I was a bit taken by back the prices of the two pizzas. The buffalo chicken pizza was $19, and the cheese pizza cost me about $14. I felt like that was a bit much for pizzas. This better be very delicious at those prices.

I got home and opened up the pizza boxes with some disgust. I found multiple pools of grease sitting on top of the pizzas, and it looked very soggy. I was disappointed with the overall quality of the food as well. The taste was just so-so and it was way overpriced.

I don’t think I will be back at Paventis Pizza anytime soon. The quality of the pizza was very poor and the prices were outrageous. Maybe next time I will bring home a DiGiorno pizza back from the grocery store and cook it myself. They are much better quality than Paventis.

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