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PayPal not as described buyer scam – Customers are getting free items by lying on PayPal and they are ruining our economy and costing jobs and higher prices for all!

PayPal not as described buyer scam
Buyer fraud on PayPal is a growing crime that will inevitably effect everyone with higher costs and prices on everything they buy!

I have been using PayPal for customer purchases on my websites for over 6 years.  During that time I never really had a problem up until the last year.  Now PayPal has this change to their policy wherein costs and merge can now open a complaint based on the quality or content of the goods that they receive.

PayPal calls this their item not as described policy and customers are filing these things in droves since this new policy started last fall.  When you send the customer the correct item – I don’t see why anyone that is in business would be sending someone the wrong item – a good percentage your customers now automatically initiate an item seriously not as described claim.

Why do they do this? Because PayPal is trying to be like and their A-to-Z guarantee program.  Basically, what this means for sellers that use PayPal is that almost 100% of these claims (which almost all are bogus) result in a complete refund to the buyer.  Even worse, what PayPal requires of the buyer is that they ship back the items to the seller.  Not once have I actually received back the items that I sent to the buyer.  Instead I usually receive an empty box or a box full of crumpled newspaper.  This is clearly fraud on the part of the buyer.

This buyer fraud on PayPal is rampant and growing.  It might have something to do with the economy being bad that people just don’t want to pay for things and would like get them for free instead.  Regardless, filing a false and bogus item seriously not as described complaint is wrong, illegal and unethical – these buyers are ripping off and defrauding hard working sellers.  What this will do is force some of the smaller sellers out and increase prices on products across the board.

Fraud hurts everyone.  When buyers defraud thousands or even millions of sellers on PayPal that has a ripple effect.  It will ricochet right back through the entire economy – the millions of sellers on PayPal that lose money due to this fraud will be buying less products, computers, smart phones, new cars, etc…  This will cause lower profits and slow downs at big companies like GM, Johnson & Johnson, USAir, IBM, Sony, etc… – whatever company you can think of will fit in here because they will all lose money in this way.

It has already been proven by numerous branches of the United States government that fraud effects everyone.  Now, when you take a fraud like this rampant and increasing buyer fraud on PayPal that literally reaches and effects millions of people and their personal, disposable incomes the effect becomes even worse.  This can easily result in the recession having a double dip, more jobs being lost, another round of layoffs at various companies, even companies exiting once profitable industries or completely shutting their doors as profitability becomes less of a reality in the near or even long term future.

What I am trying to say here is that if you buy an item on the internet and PayPal, be honest.  Don’t file fraudulent item seriously not as described complaints.  If you really did not get what you ordered then by all means do file a complaint with PayPal, but do not file false complaints.  Filing false complaints is illegal, fraud and unethical and in the end the only person you hurt is yourself with higher prices across the board.

Do you like paying $4.00 per gallon or more at the pump?  Do you like the fact that milk, bread and other grocery products are increasing in price like never before?  Do you like the ridiculously high costs of health care in America?  What about the fact that the buying power of the dollar is the lowest it has ever been?  It is a proven fact that fraud plays a huge part in determining the prices of each and every good or service that you buy or consume.  Due to this buyer fraud I have raised my prices and had to cut back on my personal spending and so have thousands, if not millions, of other PayPal sellers.  This will ripple through the economy and will effect you and everyone you know personally.

Don’t lie to get a free item through PayPal.  It will come back to you sooner or later in the way of increased prices.  You will end up paying for that fraudulent PayPal claim 100 times over in higher prices on all the goods and services you purchase.  It’s a proven fact that fraud costs Americans billions of dollars every year in higher prices, insurance premiums, etc…  Be honest and don’t commit buyer fraud whether on PayPal or elsewhere.  And if you see or know of someone that committed some form of fraud turn them in because they are causing you to pay thousands and thousands in higher prices for everything.

Also, write to PayPal corporate headquarters their president Scott Thompson and say no to higher prices and consumer fraud – tell them to repeal the item not as described policy as it will only result in higher prices for all the things you currently buy and need.  Here is the PayPal corporate headquarters address for PayPal president Scott Thompson:

President Scott Thompson
PayPal Inc.
2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131

Let PayPal know you won’t stand for fraud and the higher prices it inevitably brings to everyone.

One thought on “PayPal not as described buyer scam – Customers are getting free items by lying on PayPal and they are ruining our economy and costing jobs and higher prices for all!

  1. PayPal sucks man. They are a subsidiary of Ebay and Ebay sucks. Use Amazon and accept money orders or other forms of payment. I don’t accept anything but money orders and cash and do very well off my websites – besides, money orders and cash don’t get reported to the IRS like PayPal payments do starting with this years earnings!

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