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Peerless plumbing SealWrap repair tape review – it would be a good idea if this plumbing repair tape actually worked.

Peerless plumbing SealWrap repair tape review
I bought this Peerless repair tape at Wal-mart that was for repairing plumbing leaks and it didn't work in the slightest!

I bought this energy activated self-fusing plumbers tape by Peerless (Peerless SealWrap tape) at Wal-Mart. This tape is supposed to be permanent, water proof and long-lasting.  According to the packaging it came in it is specifically made for all sorts of under countersink repairs.  It looks easy to apply and looks to be great for small leaks and kitchen plumbing repairs.

The cost was about six dollars for one roll of this self fusing plumbing tape.  My kitchen sink had a very slow leak that would fill a glass with water over a two-week period.  the under sink plumbing in my house was made of the cheapest connectors I have ever seen.  I could not remove or fix anything without having to go into the wall – this has to be the stupidest design I ‘ve ever seen (I have to thank Fortis homes and their cost cutting for this).

So I can’t place the connector that’s leaking.  So either I have to either learn to live with the very slow leak or try something like the Self-fusing plumbing tape from Peerless.  so I got home and I took the tape out and I carefully wrapped the tape really tight all around the area that was leaking.  I first turned off the water supply to that area of the piping.  I made sure it was fully covered and that there was no area where the water could leak out of.

I let it sit for a little while and then I turned the water supply back on.  It immediately started to leak again just like before.  I applied more of the stretch wrap self fusing tape and tried to make it as tight as possible.  It didn’t matter how many layers I put on or how tight and stretched out I made it – the plumbing just kept on leaking.

I later cut off all of the tape and reapplied it a second time to see if that would work.  Nope.  It didn’t matter this self fusing plumbing tape had absolutely no effect on the slow leak that I had in my plumbing under my kitchen sink.  This plumbing tape from Peerless is pure crap and completely ineffective.

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If a plumbing tape cannot work on a extremely light and slow leak how could it possibly work on any plumbing leaks at all?  It is another failed product that clearly does not work as intended nor does it live up to the claims made on the product packaging.  I have years of handyman experience behind me – so if I can’t get this plumbing tape to work, it is highly improbable that anyone can.

It is of my opinion and finding that this self-fusing plumbing tape (Peerless Sealwrap tape) from Peerless is a hoax and completely ineffective product.  Avoid this product as it does not work as described or intended.

2 thoughts on “Peerless plumbing SealWrap repair tape review – it would be a good idea if this plumbing repair tape actually worked.

  1. My pool pump sprung a leak on a PVC pipe in the middle of the night during a cold freeze. I had to keep the pump running, or the rest of my system would be at risk. I took a quick trip to Walmart and found this tape. I installed the tape per the instructions and the pump was running again within 30 minutes. The repair lasted for six months until I could get around to fix the filter pipe.

    My system pressure post filter is 20 to 30 PSI, and I installed the repair in 28 degree weather. The repair worked up to 103 degree weather.

    I am happy with the results.

  2. I have actually used electrical tape and this has lasted several months. Which I am sure you are of aware of using electrical tape for a temporary repair (an economical repair).

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