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Pegram auto insurance review – they charged me way too much money for my car insurance!

Pegram car insurance review and complaint
I was ripped off by Pegram car insurance here in Charlotte NC!

A few years ago a friend of mine and I went into a new car dealership localy here in Charlotte NC to buy a car. I did not have any car insurance at the time and so they told me I had to have it to purchase a new car so they sent me to Pegram Insurance. The insurance agents and staff at bigger insurance weren’t the nicest, but they got me covered for everything. So I was able to go and pick up the new vehicle I purchased.

Later I found out that I was actually paying far more money than I should have been for my car insurance. A friend of mine told me to shop around my car insurance premiums because they had recently done the same. They found that by switching to Progressive that they saved over $1400 a year with the same exact coverage – the only difference was they were using a different company.

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So I went and checked both online and with several local auto insurance agencies. What I found was crazy. I found that I was paying the most at Pegram Insurance. Now keep in mind that I did not have any points, speeding tickets or anything else negative on my driving record.

Yet when I checked with numerous local and online auto insurers I found that I was paying above the premiums and rates that many of them charged for people with numerous points or even a DUI or DWI would. I was literally being ripped off by Pegram Insurance. There was no reason for them to be charging any where near the catastrophic rates that they had been charging me for my insurance.

The lowest insurance rates I found were less than half of what I was paying at Pegram insurance. The best rate was at Progressive Insurance and that’s who I am currently with now. I wish there were some way to get back at Pegram Insurance. They are overcharging their customers, and that they charged me to too much to make ridiculous profits off of my insurance premiums.

I’ll tell you this much – I am very thankful to my friend that alerted me to the fact that you can shop around for your car insurance premiums. I literally save thousands of dollars per year by switching from Pegram Insurance to Progressive Insurance. I didn’t change anything in the coverage and somehow Pegram was charging more than twice the amount for the exact same coverage.

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If you are looking for car insurance definitely skip over Pegram Insurance and go with someone like progressive. To this day I believe that that car dealership sales staff was getting paid something under the table to send their customers to Pegram Insurance. Pegram Insurance sucks big time and is a complete ripoff!

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