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Pep Boys car repair review and complaint – they broke my tail light and lied about it!

Pep Boys car repair review and complaint
I took my car into Pep Boys for an oil change and they broke my tail light and then lied to me about it!

I took my car to the local Pep Boys car repair store located down on South Boulevard here in Charlotte, North Carolina.  my car needed an old change and to have the tires rotated.  You’re supposed to rotate the tires two to three times a year to make sure that they wear evenly and last longer.  So, this is what I was getting done.

The folks at the Pep Boys were nice and told me it would be a few hours.  someone into their store walked around and looked at the various merchandise they had in there from car waxes to tires and even off road motorcycles and go karts.  They had a lot of unique merchandise in their store specially the kids motorcycles and the off road go carts.

When I was done I walked back to the service area and I could see that they had my car up on the left and were working on it.  I noticed that one of the employees had a dustpan room and was sweeping something up by the rear end of the car.  he looked to be red plastic or something like that.  I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

So I sat and waited a while and when they were done they pulled my car out and parked it on the side. Then the mechanic came in and told me my car was done and I paid him for it and got my keys and walked out to my car.  they parked the car said it was facing towards the direction that I would walk out from.

This was so that I saw the front of the car and not the rear.  Being that they pulled it straight out and I saw them turn it around and pulled it out I thought it was kind of weird that they parked the car facing this way.  just to be curious I walked around the car to make sure there was nothing wrong with it.  I immediately noticed that the left rear tail light was broken.

Then it immediately dawned on me that that’s what the red plastic was they were sweeping up on the floor – they had somehow broken my tail light lens on my car and had tried to hide that fact from me.  this was why they park the car facing the other direction.  They were hoping that by parking it facing in that direction that I would not see the broken tail light until after I had driven off.

They were very wrong and misjudged me thinking that they could get away with that.  So I went right back into the Pep Boys and told them about the damage to my taillight and inquired as to how they were going to fix that.  The mechanic and the other person there were there acted like they didn’t know anything about it at all even after I told him that I saw one of the mechanics sweeping up red plastic off the floor by the rear end of my car when it was on the lift.

They acted like They knew nothing and when they walked out to my car with me and looked at it they told me that that looked like old damage and that it couldn’t possibly have happened while it was there in the shop in their care.  boy do I wish I had my wife’s cell phones I could’ve taken a picture of them sweeping up that red plastic at the back of my car.

They refused to fix my car’s tail light or compensate me for the damage they had done to my car.  You can bet that I will not be taking my car back their for service again.  I can’t stand liars, especially when you catch them in the act and they continue to lie.  Pep Boys has mechanics and employees that are liars.  They know that they damaged my car and all they could do was sit around and lie about it.  I will never be taking my car to a Pep Boys for service ever again!

3 thoughts on “Pep Boys car repair review and complaint – they broke my tail light and lied about it!

  1. PepBoys is terrible. My Ford Taurus ran like a champ and never dripped a drop of oil, but then I took it to PepBoys for an oil change and it started leaking the minute I got it home. PepBoys said it couldn’t have been their fault – a lie. And then they said they would take a look at it, but that I would have to pay for the labor and parts. They are liars and will not fix their mistakes. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO PEPBOYS!

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  3. I bought what I thought were 2 Monroe shocks for my vehicle. A year and a half later I had my car on a rack at another tire business only to see that the brand of shocks was not Monroew but KYB. I went to Pepoys in Tallahassee, Fl and the service manager told me they were from the sister company of Monroe and they were the same shock absorber. Later, I asked a manager at another Tire store if KYB was a sister company to Monroe and he said no. He called his parts supplier to make sure and that person confirmed it also. No KYB is not a sister company. Pepboys is either highly unethical at best or criminal at worst.

    Now, a rose is a rose is a rose. A monroe shock is not a KYB.

    I wouldn’t recommend doing business with Pepboys.

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