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Pepsi Max Review – Pepsi Max tastes just like all diet cola drinks

Pepsi Max tastes terrible!

I had seen a lot of commercials for Pepsi Max, and I was trying to watch my calorie intake I decided to use it as the soda of my Superbowl party. I should have probably tried it before I bought a whole bunch of it for the party. I figured it wouldn’t be that bad though.

The advertisements boasted that it tastes exactly the same as the regular Pepsi drink so I thought it could be something good. However, when I tried Pepsi Max is tasted just like all other diet cola drinks. I was very disappointed in the taste. I would even go as far as saying it tasted worse than most diet drinks. It was gross.

I asked around the party what everyone else thought about the Pepsi Max drink and it was pretty much unanimous that everyone thought it tasted like pure vomit. It was a good thing I bought more than just Pepsi Max to drink for the party. Otherwise it would have been a complete disaster.

What made it even worse was the horrible and cheesy Pepsi Max Superbowl commercials that kept playing during the game. I can see why Pepsi was trying to advertise Pepsi Max so much. They wanted to try to instill the idea that actually tastes good. The truth is it that it tastes like crap!

It was just a really sad attempt by Pepsi to establish a positive imagine for a crapy drink. I would not even feed Pepsi Max to my dog it tasted so bad. I hope no one else is fooled by Pepsi’s strong advertising this Superbowl.

I was very disappointed with Pepsi Max and the Pepsi Company. For the most part I have enjoyed Pepsi’s products in the past. However this is one product you should avoid at all costs. It just tastes terrible and I hope no one else was fooled like I was.

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