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Phillips Norelco G370 Review – a great shave for a reasonable price

I got a great shave using the Phillips Norelco G370


My electric shaver just broke so I was in the market for a new one. I had shopped around a bit online to see what was available before I went looking for one in the store. There were a lot of choices, and I didn’t really know where to start. I began with the cheaper models starting at about $10 and worked my way up. I found the Phillips Norelco G370 had everything I was looking for. So I decided to pursue that model.

I headed down to the local CVS to see if I could find it there. I found it there, and it was priced a little higher in the store than online. My goatee was in desperate need to be trimmed so I bought it anyways. The total came to just over $21. That’s a pretty reasonable price. My old one lasted me about 4 years so an I didn’t mind making the invesetment.

The Phillips Norelco G370 came with a very inclusive kit. It had a 7 piece set which included a mini shaver, hair clipper, beard and mustache trimmer, nose, ear, eyebrow trimmer, and precision and detailing trimmer. Not a bad combination in my opinion. It comes with pretty much any attachment I could ever need.




I took it home and was eager to set it up. I hadn’t shaved in about five days so I was in need of a trim. I plugged it in and attached the mustache and beard trimmer to the top. I was very impressed with the how smooth the Phillips Norelco G370 operated. It gave me a very crisp and clean cut shave that I was in need of.

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Some might say that they don’t need all those bells and whistler just for an electric shaver. To be honest though for only $20 you won’t find a better deal even if you just wanted the simple model. Besides you never know when you might have some unexpected nose hairs creeping out, needing to be trimmed back.

I am very happy with my purchase and I feel like the Phillips Norelco G370 electric razor will last me many years to come. With the holidays approaching it also might make a great gift for dad. As a father I know I would have loved to receive a gift like this.

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