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Phoenix Night Club Charlotte – this new club in Charlotte NC is great

I had a great time at Phoenix in Charlotte NC

Charlotte, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, has a brand new club called Phoenix. This club brings a little feel from the West Coast and Miami with it’s state-of-the-art sound system and lighting, upscale atmosphere, variety of quality music, and accommodating VIP sections

Phoenix will be following in the footsteps of its previous venues; The Forum, and Menthos, with its vibe and superior artist from all over. This really brings a great feel, and some fantastic DJ’s and music.

This legacy has set it itself apart from the rest in being a little left of sideway from other clubs and has been successful in hosting all of the top 10 DJ’s in the world. This is very impressive for this Charlotte area club.

After completing a 5 month renovation; Phoenix opened it’s doors to a sell-out crowd for 3 days straight. When arriving I was directed to the proper line and had to wait approximately 20 minutes, but it was well worth the wait when I entered and took what the club has to offer.

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The club has a great feel to it with the layout, and the staff Is friendly and attentive. I had no wait in getting a drink and danced the night away. I also like that there are 3 restrooms that are easy to get to, and 2 LARGE patio areas for smokers and to enjoy the warm nights.

Phoenix is the new hot place, and is setting a high bar for competition to keep up. If things stay this way I think this is where my new weekend spot is going to be. See some of you out there!

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11 thoughts on “Phoenix Night Club Charlotte – this new club in Charlotte NC is great

  1. I was there for the first time last weekend. This club really has a lot to offer, and me and my friends had a great time. I can’t wait to go back!

  2. St. patty’s day party was awesome there! like 3000 people came through the club and alleyway. it was like a block party!!

  3. Phoenix night club in Charlotte has unfair practices they use to keep people out specifically minorities. Me and friends attempted to go there march 26 after leaving another club called Republic. I had several people with me but they said one person couldn’t get in because they had a dress code and let me mention he was an african American male. He was wearing a polo button shirt khaki pants and polo shoes. The doorman said he had on boots and couldn’t get in.. Did I say he had on shoes? After showing them this they then said his clothes were too baggy which was not the case. We had obviously had no problem meeting dress code at republic which is a club around the block that also had a dress code. Very disappointed about this new club and I suggest they stop being hateful towards people who just want to have a good time. I am sick of these discriminatory acts clubs in Charlotte do to keep minorities out by saying they have a dress code and then finding something to not let people in.. Oh and by the way the guy at door says ” everyone has their own style” so ??? So we all walk away and what do we see? People with sneakers and casual clothes on inside the club standing on patio!! And lastly my friend they wouldn’t let in specifically dressed the part to go out… Club Phoenix we are were very aware of the dress code downtown which goes to show even if u try to meet dress code you still get denied just put a sign saying ” no blacks allowed”

  4. If it is not a Sugar Society event… Pheonix is not a good option. This place really knows how to take the fun out of nightlife. Sat. nights especially! Club management should and overall lack of professionalism and consideration of patrons.

  5. Sad to hear of another club that practice race instead of entertainment for all. Yes, we have seen many of these type places rise and fall fast because of discriminating practices. Phoenix will also come to pass fast if they keep to this type behavior.

  6. Phoenix will be following in the footsteps of its previous venues; The Forum, and Menthos,

    obviously whoever wrote this never went to MYTHOS (not menthos) This club will never be anything like it used to be.

  7. For what it’s worth I was denied entry because I was wearing decent (I thought) boots. And I’m a white male. I’ve seen plenty of black and Asian people in there too…

  8. Saw DJ Tiesto at Phoenix, my first visit there, on 4/7/11 and the place was INSANE. Loved the venue, saw plenty of mix in the crowd racially, and didn’t notice anything abnormal or bad about the staff. Great show!

  9. Hahaha by stating that Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities you give the false impression that new nightclubs are popping up all over the place. Charlotte has a very hot and cold night life. I’ve been in the scene here for 7-8 years. The only way to get a large sized crowd at a spot is for it to be brand new. Mythos (not Menthos) used to be the hot spot, and people stopped going. Then Crush was the hot spot, and people stopped going. Then Mythos turned into Forum and that was the hot spot, and people stopped going. Suite became the new hot spot, and now people are stopping going.

    Previous other hotspots: CANS, Alleycat, HOM, etc. are closed now too. So now Phoenix will be the new hot spot for a while too. Then people in the south will yet again grow tired of it, realize they really don’t like socializing with people they don’t know and don’t share their beliefs, and go back to get-togethers at their houses or one of the 500 churches that will never close. The nightlife in Charlotte is very cliquish and finicky.

    And racist? Extremely much so. The one way through the years you can tell a club was struggling was when they finally did allow in minorities. It’s pathetic. Halo had a very discriminatory policy about letting in minorities, and now it’s the only way they stay in business. Butter is still very discriminatory and honestly one of the worst I’ve ever seen about it.

  10. Phoenix is Racist! They would not let my asian friends in! The manager had strict orders from the owner that they do not allow asians in the club!!
    They do not want your business! I was willing to spend thousands of dollars and would have spent lots of money there!

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