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PhotoBlocker license plate spray review – this spray doesn’t work in the slightest and is a complete scam!

PhotoBlocker license plate spray review
I paid $30 for this PhotoBlocker spray paint and it didn't work at all! They wouldn't even honor their guarantee and refund my money - what a scam!

I bought this high-priced can of spray paint called PhotoBlocker that promised to make me immune to tickets from photo cameras like the ones at stop lights. I bought it from the back of an automotive magazine for $30. According to the ad in the magazine this spray has been featured on numerous TV news shows and more.

It looked like it would be something great to use especially here in Atlanta Georgia were we have the worst and most anal police force in the United States. They are known to give out speeding tickets to people that are just 3 to 4 mph over the speed limit and to people that make it through a green light and it turns yellow, not red on them – the police here in Atlnata are world class scumbags and assholes.

So I figured that if this stuff worked like the ad claimed it did it would be great because otherwise the average person here gets a ticket for some of this ridiculous nonsense once a year. If this stuff worked it could literally save people hundreds of dollars in unnecessary tickets.

But when I received it I found out it had one major flaw – it doesn’t work at all! The PhotoBlocker spray paint is just a great big scam. They also refused to honor their guarantee and give me my money back. I sprayed the stuff on my license plate exactly as directed. I even took the time to take my license plate off of my car and clean it thoroughly and let it dry before applying the PhotoBlocker spray to it.

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Once I painted the license plate with their spray I immediately realized that all this was an extremely expensive can of clear spray paint. That’s all it is. These scam artists at PhotoBlocker have found a way to remarket a $1.50 can of clear spray paint and sell it for $30 – the problem is that the use they claim it works for is total hogwash!

How do I know that the PhotoBlocker spray paint didn’t work? I receive two tickets in the mail for running what I knew were yellow lights. The tickets from the assholes at the Atlanta dumbass Police stated that I ran a red light both times. In any case they came with angled pictures of the back end of my car and you could clearly see the whole entire license number.

What does this mean? The PhotoBlocker paint thing is a complete scam. Don’t spend $30, $20 or even $10 on it. It’s a complete ripoff. If you must try it for yourself save the $30 and just go by a can of cheap clear coat spray paint from Wal-Mart or Auto Zone for $1.50. It will do the exact same thing. All that the PhotoBlocker spray paint consists of is clear coat spray.

PhotoBlocker is a complete scam – they don’t even honor their guarantee. They refused to refund me my money – what a scam! Avoid them like the plague!

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6 thoughts on “PhotoBlocker license plate spray review – this spray doesn’t work in the slightest and is a complete scam!

  1. Whoa – thanks for telling me this! I was just about to purchase this stuff. You saved me from being ripped off and wasting my money! Thanks.

  2. My husband bought this stuff a few years ago and we have to agree with you. It was nothing more then cheap clear paint. It doesn’t have any effect on police cameras and red light cameras.

  3. damm….i was on this website thinking i can order from here but gladly i ended up reading this…i think ill just think of a way to make it glossy for cameras my self…what do you guys think about clear coat used for car paint???????

  4. Used the product exactly as directed and STILL got a ticket mailed to me for $158.00! DO NOT BUY. Called the company and their reaction was pretty much “Oh well. Too bad for you” It’s a total scam. This product is about as effective as spraying water on your plate. If your in to giving money away….sure…go buy it.

  5. I live in New York. I bought five license plate covers and had them on my cars since 10/14,and did not receive any red light tickets. However I did not try to go through any red lights. On 6/26/2015 my wife was pulled over and issued a summons for having a license plate obstructed. to date I spent $165 dollars for the license plate covers and another $243 dollars on the summons.I spent $408 dollars to prevent myself from getting tickets. I could have gotten five red light tickets and still spent less money. Photoblocker takes no responsibility for getting tickets because they are illegal in some states that is your responsibility. They have no problem taking your money just accepting responibilty for not being completely honest. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT. THIS PRODUCT COSTS YOU MONEY DOES NOT SAVE YOU ANYTHING IF YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK. CHECK TO SEE IF THESE PLATES ARE LEGAL BEFORE PURCHASING

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