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Pictures from the Food Lion Auto Fair in Charlotte, NC!

Went to the Food Lion Autofair car show back in September to see some cool cars at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Sorry I am posting them a little late, but I have been really busy. It was a pretty fun time. And I promised I would post them so they are all below and on subsequent pages. There wasn’t as many cars as the last time I went but there were lots of old classics and new hot rods and more. It was a good time and for the price of $10 per adult and kids under 13 get in free it isn’t bad (parking is $5 but you get to park right out front and walk right in from the bridge).

Anyways, here are a bunch of great pictures I took:

Old black car

Blue camaro convertible

Cool old coupe

This cool, old coupe reminds me of the bootleggers and their hair raising trips to deliver moonshine and stay away from the revenuers (the real history behind Nascar).

Red jeep work truck

This one looked nice from a distance, but when you got up close you could tell that it had a quick and rough paint job (not much was taped off and there was overspray everywhere – definitely someone trying to make a quick turnaround on a rough vehicle as it was available for immediate sale).

Old red camaro

This car reminds me of the car collector meetups in Binghamton and Utica New York – they are full of muscle cars like this.

Old green truck

This one just screamed the movie Cars to me – don’t know why exactly, but it just reminded me of the movie.

Old Corvette

There were quite a few Corvettes at the Food Lion Auto Show.

Three wheeled motorcycle

The kids thought this three wheeled motorcycle was cool. My oldest son asked if the third wheel was to help offset the extra weight from the riders pot belly…

Old 69 camaro

This classic Camaro sounded like it had 500 horsepower or more under the hood. It definitely had a gas leak of sorts under the hood as you could really smell gas strongly when it went by – nice looking ride, though.

Old blue car

Put a mono red headlight on the roof and this car could be right out of Hawaii 5-O!

2012 silver camaro

Of course there were plenty of new Camaros painted every color under the sun.

Old camaro with big engine hood scoop

And old Camaro’s like this one with big engines that probably get 4 miles to the gallon…

Early Nascar racer

This car reminded me of Nascar racing in the early 1960’s – back in the days when it was exciting to watch and the racers weren’t spoiled brat celebrity pre-madonnas like they are now. Back then they had to have a regular job like everyone else. It is of my opinion that Nascar, like most sports franchises has gotten too big and lost touch with its roots and that’s sad and its why I don’t watch Nascar races anymore.

Old coupe

Old black 2 door coupe

I liked this one – reminded me of the cars my Dad drove around in when I was a little kid. Brought back lots of fond memories and bad, but funny ones too – like the time I was 4 years old and backed my mother’s car down the driveway…

Classic yellow Opal GT

You don’t see many classic, old Opal GT’s out there anymore – most are in junk yards or have been melted down for scrap. It was a cool car back in the day – a poor man’s Corvette.

Old racing Corvette

This old racing Corvette from the 1960’s was just awesome So I am going to add a second picture of it below.

Old white racing corvette

Black deuce coupe

This old black deuce coupe was a kit car (fiberglass body) but still looked cool – I wouldn’t complain if someone let me drive it or better yet gave me one…

old t bucket hot rod

This old one had no air filters hence the towel to keep bugs and debris out of the carburetors.

white rubicon jeep

This Rubicon Jeep was just the personal vehicle of a guy that had other cars entered in the show – I just thought it looked great in white and with those chromed wheels

Orange drag car

This orange drag car was a beast and man was it loud – the owner cranked it up when I was taking this picture.


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