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Pill Pockets for Dogs Review – these dog treats make it so easy to my aging dog her medicine

This really helps me feed my stubborn dog his pills.

My dog is just coming off of her second knee surgery and is very stubborn about taking her medicine. Even when I wrap the pills up in a piece of meat, cheese, or bread she still seems to eat around it.

I searched around on the internet to see if there were anything that could fix this problem. Thats when I found Pill Pockets. After reading the information about it I thought I would try it out. I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least try.

I had to drive out of my way to Pet Smart to pick them up, because my usual pet supply store, Petco didn’t have them. I had to search around the store a little bit for them because they were hidden in the back, but I was able to pick up a bag of them.




I got home and slid the pill conveniently into the Pill Pocket. The pill was disguised inside pretty well so the dog hopefully wouldn’t notice. I called over my dog and gave it to her and she ate it up right away! It was amazing how well that worked.

I have been using these Pill Pockets for about 3 weeks now and have been working great. Not once has my dog been able to sniff out the pill. She just gobbles up the treat like he would any regular dog treat.

I am very happy with my experiences with Pill Pockets. If you have a dog that is stubborn about taking his or her pills or medication I would definitely use these. They are competitively priced. I would definitely recommend them to any pet owner.

One thought on “Pill Pockets for Dogs Review – these dog treats make it so easy to my aging dog her medicine

  1. Here’s an easy way to make a vehicle for getting pills into your dog. Make instant mashed potatoes substituting low-sodium beef broth for water. Add milk and butter but no salt. Make them a little on the stiff side so they’re not too sticky. They store well in the fridge. Your dog will think he’s getting a special treat.

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