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Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza review – this rectangle shaped pizza is really good!

Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza review
I ordered the Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza and the family loved it and they gave me free bread sticks too!

I ordered the Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza yesterday along with a few medium sized pizzas for my family as a treat.  We have been hit hard by the recession and I lost my job so we don’t eat out very often and even ordering pizzas are a rare event.  A few weeks ago I had ordered Domino’s pizzas and we were very disappointed with them.  Domino’s pizza is terrible.

So this time when we ordered pizza we wanted something good and so we decided to give Pizza Hut and their new Big Dipper 24 slice pizza a try.  I drove to the Pizza Hut in Harrisburg to pick it up.  The drive was only about five minutes from my house and went by rather quickly.  I got to the Pizza Hut restaurant and it was very nice as compared to the run down looking Domino’s Pizza we have near us by the university.

Their prices at Pizza Hut were a little higher then Domino’s Pizza, but what I noticed when I opened up one of the boxes when the lady there handed me my pizzas is that they actually use plenty of cheese and toppings.  Domino’s pizza is very scarce on cheese and toppings – that’s probably how they have lower prices and still make a profit – they cheat their customers on toppings and cheese.

So I drove home with the Pizza Hut pizzas and the family loved it.  The pizza had plenty of pepperoni and cheese and it was not greasy like the Domino’s crappy pizzas.  You definitely get your money’s worth with pizza from Pizza Hut.  Plus the lady there at the store gave us free breadsticks – it must have been because we waited a few minutes.  Nothing bad, but I won’t turn down free food.

Their bread sticks are pretty good also.  And they give plenty of the marinara sauce for dipping pizza or bread sticks in – Domino’s pizza charged $.60 per similar container.  I must say that pizza from Pizza Hut is certainly 1000 times better than anything from Domino’s Pizza.  It’s not even close.  And the employees are also much nicer and don’t look like they’re from the slum side of town at Pizza Hut.

I don’t think I will be buying Domino’s pizza ever again and why would I when Pizza Hut makes a pizza that’s so much better!  their new Big Dipper is great and the kids love the little slices.  The little slices are easier for them to handle and to dip in the dipping sauce.  I have to recommend the Pizza Hut Big Dipper and definitely Pizza Hut itself.  if your dominoes you must be craving trash pizza.  Skip dominoes and go to Pizza Hut or somewhere else as almost anywhere will have better pizza than Domino’s.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza review – this rectangle shaped pizza is really good!

  1. I had the Big Dipper this weekend from Pizza Hut and it was pretty good. Matthew, you should know that Domino’s Pizza is terrible. I don’t eat Domino’s – EVER!

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