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Pizza Hut = Slavery?

A summary of the shady, underhanded practices and tendencies of “the masters” in in-store locations.

pizzahut slavery

So, before you go thinking I am a disgruntled employee, bear in mind I have worked at this Pizza Hut for two years. I’ve been on every position in the store and have worked like a DOG at each.

The managers rotate depending on how long they last (a suprising number quit or transfer from the store in question), but each is victim to the corporate overlords and, given time, begin to follow in their habits.

The first thing is that NO EMPLOYEE, no matter how much time has been put in at the job IS EVER GIVEN A RAISE. Two years and, as we all know, the economy has become harsher, the cost of living rises, gas goes up, etc etc. Does the company hand out raises (even small ones!) to loyal workers who manage to endure for a year (or more!)? NOPE. They award you this ridiculous little metal pin that says “Pizza Hut – Two Years!” with a congratulatory note. Oh, yes, this is so much better than a tiny raise to combat poverty!

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The next thing is the unfair advantages the managers have over their indentured servants. We are trained to prepare food, cook it and even wash dishes very carefully…unless we’re not. I personally was trained by a horrible corporate worm (think Wormtongue from LOTR) who was very quick to blame his employees in front of his boss for not preparing/doing a job the “right” way.

This manager’s style saved time, was efficient and CLEAN (lest anyone think we were sacrificing health issues here) but when it came down to whether we were doing it “by the book”, BAM, the employees are the bad guys.

And how could I forget how this particular manager addresses our Latin-American cook? He whistles at him. No, I’m being quite serious. Whistles, yells his name clear across the store (a tiny space and not that loud, let me tell you) and more often than not insults his work (the food was incorrect, etc etc when really the food was fine and the customer in question was delighted with his/her order).

I don’t want to scare people off of the pizza at this location…but this next bit might get nasty.

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The equipment in the store is very old. Early 90′s at best and with replacements (lids for pans etc) coming in sparingly. On multiple occassions (multiple multiple) I have had to personally re-wash numerous pans, lids, etc because of mildew, left-over pieces of food, DIRT (no, really!) left by an archaic washing machine. I present said dishes to the manager and what does he say? “Oh, just run it through again.” Does he have a meeting with the employees who do the washing? Does he give a reminder to anyone who washes to LOOK FOR CONTAMINANTS? No. He does not.

This is not about one man, however. His practices are overlooked by his corporate masters. This one master, who comes in occassionally to watch and then berate employees on everything from name-tags to shoe-scuff, is particularly cruel. She will come down on the manager like a thunderstorm. Nitpicking item after item (a good practice if done in the interest of SAFETY or HEALTH), the manager will reply with BLAME. Guess who gets blamed?

Anyway, the food might be good, but the workplace? It’s most certainly a throwback to slavery, albeit with minimum wage thrown in to keep us coming back for more. It’s too bad nothing can be done about this; I don’t think it’s illegal to keep your employees down. Just profitable.

And the dollar is the bottom line for Pac Pizza.

By: Ronnie Gonsalves

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