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Planet Fitness Complaint – This gym should only be for wussies and women

Planet Fitness is a terrible place for real men to work out

I just moved and needed to find a new gym to work out at. I had seen a lot of advertisements for Planet Fitness and wanted to see what it was all about. They advertised a competitive rate of only 10$ a month so I thought it might be worth checking out.

I went inside to find a very average looking man sitting behind the counter. I asked for a tour and he showed me around the place. I was disappointed with what it had to offer as far as weight lifting machines and dumbbell weight offered. The heaviest dumbbell available was only 70 lbs. I thought that was ridiculous.

Another things I noticed when I was walking around was how the entire place was painted purple. Thats not the color I would have picked for a gym. It looked and felt very feminine in there. I noticed some women in there working out, but there was equally about the same amount of men. They all liked a bit metrosexual from their mannerisms.

The man at the gym continued the tour and showed me the locker rooms and bathrooms there. There were nice, very clean. However, I thought it was a bit strange that they supplied hair dryers in a guys locker room. I don’t know too many men that need to blow dry their hair. It made me question why kind of men work out here.

As we were concluding our tour we walked by a man lifting some of those 70 lbs dumbbells. He was working hard and he forced a grunt out a little bit to get his last rep up. He then slammed the weights down and a blue light, went off in the gym. I was very confused as to what was happening.

The man giving me the tour approached the guy that just finished his lift and told him that he needed to leave. I was absolutely baffled. When my tour guide came back I asked him why he had to leave and what that light was all about. He responded saying that we don’t allow grunting or slamming weights here. I said well why not? that happens when you work out sometimes!

The man said its the policy of the gym, and it is not allowed. It makes the other members feel uncomfortable. Evenly the manliest of places like a gym has become a place for wussies. People can’t even handle a little grunting or weight slamming in the gym.

After seeing that I had enough. I would definitely not going to join this gym. I think it should just be changed to a women’s fitness center. No men should be forced to work out by those ridiculous rules at Planet Fitness.

One thought on “Planet Fitness Complaint – This gym should only be for wussies and women

  1. I take offense to your article. Im a WOMAN and I would not train there simply because they dont have the proper equipment. Not all us woman are cardio bunnies. I was a memeber of that gym for 3 years and they harrassed me til they got rid of me. And it was more personal, so beware of men in gyms, they arent what they seem. And they dont want anyone with any muscle in there because it will scare all the p**** men away. GOLDS is my new gym and I love it. Real men, real equipment, real trainers.

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