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Plum Island complaint – what really goes on in this top level 5 research lab and was Lyme disease created there?

Plum Island complaint
You need to know what our government is doing at top secret research facilities like Plum Island - the birth place of Lyme disease!

If you didn’t already know, the US government houses a level 5 bio hazard lab on Plum Island in the Long Island Sound. They claim that it is just for the research of animal diseases to improve the quality of food and health for Americans and their food supply. But the sad reality is that the purpose is far more sinister – germ warfare research.

Since the 1950’s research that stretches the ethics and morals of our government have been performed on Plum Island. One of their main subjects of research has been in bugs (like ticks) and how they can spread diseases. Think Lyme disease. Yes, Lyme disease was created in the research facilities on Plum Island.

As the government knows it is hard to contain diseases and keep a 100% containment facility endlessly. There will be breaches. Things will get out. Lyme disease got out. Since 2003 the Department of Homeland security has taken over the island. If all they are doing was research into MadCow disease and other animal only diseases then why would they need the Department of Homeland security there?

Why the extremely high level of security? Don’t think it is secure? Just go and visit. I took a boat near there several times and was warned off by the Coast Guard and other vessels. They do not want anyone around to know what they are doing what they are up to. There is no chance for a tour or a visit.

And then it gets more grizzly. Do you know anyone that used to work there? Most scientists and other researchers upon leaving Plum Island end up dead one way or another. They have an unexpected car accident, they die of a heart attack, they are robbed and killed, etc… The government has a saying with their secret labs and bases and it ensures secrecy – “no loose ends, ever.”

What does no loose ends, ever mean? It means exactly what you think it means. No one lives to tell the story. Same thing with other government secrets like Area 51, Dulce base, etc… This even applies to high ranking officials and others when they retire. To see evidence of this just look at William Colby.

William Colby was a retired director of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and being in that position had access to all sorts of top secret information that the US government wants kept secret. In 1995 to 1996 he announced he was going to be writing a a memoir which would expose all sorts of shocking secrets. Next thing you know he dies on his canoe.

It was said that he had a heart attack or had a boating accident. How does one have a boating accident on a mirror calm lake? He was murdered by the same agency he directed because he became a loose end and the US government doesn’t want loose ends when it comes to their secrets – ever.

Plum Island is one of the worst secrets in America. Lyme disease was obviously created there. Who knows what other diseases they are messing with out there? Ebola, H5N1 avian flu? The next global pandemic? Most likely. They clearly are not looking out for the quality of our food supply by creating diseases like Lyme disease.

The US government needs to come clean about what really goes on in these top secret facilities like Plum Island, Area 51, Dulce base, etc…

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