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Bubonic and Pneumonic plague – do terrorists like ISIS have these weapons of mass destruction and, more importantly, will they use them?


I just read several scary news articles that were mentioning scary topics like the bubonic and pneumonic plague and the fact that these plagues could be weapon eyes that and easily used as weapons of mass destruction with very lethal consequences. There hasn’t been much of a resurgence of either of these plagues since the 1920s and then all the sudden they started to surface again in 2015 and 2016.

Why? Why are these deadly diseases making a comeback after all these years? More importantly why are researchers and organizations like the World Health Organization and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) putting such a great emphasis on finding a cure for a disease that was pretty much outmoded and hasn’t seen much activity since the days of the black plague hundreds of years ago?

Well it turns out that there are or were weapons of mass destruction in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran and other Third World countries that are chock-full of terrorist groups like Hezbollah, ISIS and others. In these countries bribery and corruption are the norm. So these weapons can easily fall into the hands of terrorists. When you equip that with the fact that immigrants are leaving these countries in droves by the millions and going to Europe, Asia, Africa and America to avoid the constant warring and violence the possibilities for these weapons of mass destruction to include nerve gas, mustard gas, bubonic and pneumonic plague, and numerous other chemicals and diseases the possibility becomes huge.

Per some of the researchers at the CDC and World Health Organization, it’s not a matter of if but when that a terrible disease or weapon of mass destruction will be unleashed by a terrorist organization. These organizations will stop at nothing to try and change the way in which we all live. They don’t care about anyone’s lives and in many cases don’t even care about their own. Many them are led by atheist or pagan beliefs and have no care for human life.

Some of these weapons and diseases that they could spread could result in deaths and tragedies of biblical catastrophic proportions. All it takes is for one of these weaponized plagues to be unleashed in a major city and you could have millions or even billions dead within weeks to months.

The fact that the CDC and the WHO have singled out bubonic plague and pneumonic plague as one of the deadliest diseases of the 13th and 14th century that wiped out literally one third of the population in human history is most likely to be re-emergent in our near future here is extremely scary to me. You equip that with the fact that these diseases have close to 100% mortality rate and the pneumonic plague is actually airborne and you can see the potential grave implications from this.

In case you didn’t know, the Japanese used both forms of plague in World War II by dropping infected fleas and rats on major cities in China. This was reported to have caused over 400,000 deaths just by itself. Now you can see how quickly a weaponized disease can cause catastrophic deaths. When you equate that with a very modernized society these diseases could quickly cross borders, countries, oceans and become the next great epidemic.

We need to be wary of this and wary of what goes on around us. More needs to be done in the realm of virus in disease containment. We already seen this with the bolus scare that happen in United States just a few years ago. Ebola is nowhere as near as violent and as potentially dangerous as pneumonic plague. Remember, when the world was much less populated in the 13th and 14th century and it took a lot longer for travel upwards of 1 billion or more people died from this terrible disease that was linked to rats and fleas.

Be wary my friends, read and watch the news. Real, unfiltered news can be found at websites like Be wary and remember, the truth is out there.

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