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Pompano Honda car dealership review – this Rick Hendrick owned car dealership suffers from bad service, lies and shady sales tactics!

Pompano Honda car dealership review
I had a horrible experience at Rick Hendrick's Pompano Honda car dealership!

I told the staff at Pompano Honda (aka Hendrick’s Honda – it is owned by Hendrick Automotive Group) Automotive over the phone that I had special needs financing issues when they called me to come on in. They told me that they specialize in helping people financially and especially people with credit problems and financial troubles. Jacqueline the receptionist even made it clear that only the sales manager Max would be able to serve me correctly (first lie as the web page states the sales manager’s name is not Max at

Pompano Honda
5381 N. Federal Hwy.
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

During the Consultation Max took numbers back to Ashad the Finance officer, and came back the second time telling me, “Great news! We’re within $10 of your target payments with nothing down every month!” (This is the second lie). They took my Saturn to be appraised without even asking me if I wanted to come along, then come back about an hour later.

After another hour I take my new Honda Civic DX vp for a test drive, after which they come out with paper work to sign from finance last of which is the retail contract. I got a look at the monthly installment payments, and they were $120 over my target for affordability. To whit I was told, “It’s just a numbers game, and you’ll really be able to get what you want and afford it too without any problems.”

I grabbed my old keys for the Saturn, started it up, and it was making grinding noises (yep, I was hosed)… unable to say that they did it due to sales clinchers such as “You saw your keys gone, right? You gave them permission.” I demanded to speak with a real sales manager that I was assured that I was speaking to in the first place. Alfred presented himself; being enraged as I was at this point, and then told by the sales manager Alfred to confront my “Salesman” and call him a liar to his face, and after I did, he then went in the dealer office to start working the numbers to make them better.

The retail contract had the finance company (Capital one) name on it with a statement of no recourse at the bottom. One week later someone in my neighborhood went around smashing up people’s car windows, and breaking into a couple of homes. Needless to say, I take it to the dealer to look at getting it repaired there, and receive the question “What do you want us to do with it?” I asked if they would repair the damage, and was not even taken to service or even raised an eyebrow.

I asked at this point who owns the dealership, and was told Tom Edwards which was another lie. The latest is that the bank listed on the contract (after 10 days) has not been solidified after the damage was reported to my insurance in spite of the finance manager telling me I was locked in to a bank, so he backdated the contract by 6 days, and bought the Honda Finance option.

Today I was told again I am lucky to be financed by Honda (which is well over 2.5 percent above the rate I was promised and signed for). I went into sign the finance contract for Honda Motor Company on Tuesday March 15, 2011 as apparently the Capital One Car Loan did not go through signed 15 days prior, and they were upset about buying down the contract from Honda to get the same financing at 14.81%. and back dated the contract to March 2nd 2011 which when I questioned was told it was better this way.

Now I am working closely with the Pompano Hendrick Honda car dealership and American Honda Corp. American Honda has a case manager with a multiple personality disorder that has told me two different names so far. The first name he gave me was John, then it was Vaughn, and another employee told me it was Morris, but today he clarified it’s John, “whew, thank God!” Then I asked to speak with his supervisor, and when Mike called, he just kept talking over me so that I was not able to even respond, and even when I was talking, he just talked over me.

To be honest, it really sounded like John disguising his voice, so I don’t really know. I am so sick of these people, and have asked them the fourth time today just to come and pick up the piece of crap car, because there is nothing I can do about it. I have asked them to have the originating dealership just buy the car for me because of what they put me through so far. Rick Hendrick trains these stupid employees with Honda’s core philosophy to hurt others, not give customer service because it’s a foreign car anyways, and they don’t care about you.

Don’t do business with Pompano Honda or any other Rick Hendrick owned car dealership. They will only try and take advantage of you in any way they possibly can.

One thought on “Pompano Honda car dealership review – this Rick Hendrick owned car dealership suffers from bad service, lies and shady sales tactics!

  1. Stick it to them – Rick Hendrick is about as slimy as they come and so are all his car dealerships. The man is a convicted felon and had to pay $500,000 to get pardoned by then President Bill Clinton so he could keep his car dealerships and Nascar race car teams. Do not buy a car from him or his car dealerships.

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