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Portfolio Recovery Associates is using illegal threats to try and collect on a bad debt from me!

WTF? This damn collection agency, Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) is suing me for a debt that was obtained by fraud and identity theft by a doctor impersonator. They threatened me with “I will come and take your car and house!” “You will be homeless and living on the streets.” These are some of there statements from there representative that has called me on numerous occasions. If I did not pay them right now they say they will ruin my life permanently.

They even have this guy that claims to be a lawyer – don’t know if he really is one or not, but the advice he is trying to give me tells me either he isn’t a lawyer or he is a very shady attorney. This “lawyer” calls and makes threats and tells me I will owe millions of dollars and they will make sure I lose my job if I don’t pay them everything I have. Then some different attorney did file a hearing in court.

Portfolio Recovery Associates
Portfolio Recovery Associates is pulling illegal stunts in trying to collect a bad debt from me.

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This attorney says he has postponed some kind of hearing twice and then told me not to file a answer to save my money! He said I was dumb and uneducated and had no chance in court and they were going to take away everything I had. I have since educated myself on the FDCPA and my rights as a US citizen. I did file a answer to their bogus hearing with a counter suit just to help them do the right thing. If you don’t file an answer before or on the date of the hearing they can automatically enter a judgement against you without notifying you. This is what these shady people were hoping for. They didn’t want me to think I could fight them and win in court.

If you don’t fight the hearing no matter how bogus it is then you have no recourse and they get a judgement against you for whatever they asked for! So I did what any reasonable person would do. I filed a answer with a counter suit. I always insist on a copy of anything I fill out or sign. I, unfortunately made the mistake of entrusting what I thought was a real doctor (and later it turned out to be a complete fraud) and I was told the copier was down so they couldn’t give me copies of the paperwork.

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It took over 2 months to get the copies. When I went through them there was a sales draft for almost $9000 to a chiropractor I never heard of let alone ever saw. The signature was my name but not my hand writing – they had actually forged my handwriting! I have signed my sales slips with a scribble for the past six years for this very reason. This group of impersonators have defrauded many people. If you don’t have proof you lose.. Ignorance is not a way to protect yourself. Fear can make us do stupid things. Educate yourselves!

And be sure and fight any ridiculous collection claims from this Portfolio Recovery Associates – they will lie, violate the FDCPA and threaten you. I have now found an attorney that will fight for my rights and we are going to sue PRA into the ground for violating the FDCPA (federal law).

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