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Portland Oregon Burger King restaurant review – my apple pie had raw crust and the manager was rude to me!

Portland Oregon Burger King restaurant review
The Burger King in Portland Oregon has a rude manager and serves raw, undercooked food!

I was hungry the other day and so I went to the Burger King in Portland for lunch, and ordered the usual – a burger, diet coke and a dutch apple pie.

Burger King restaurant
632 N. E. Weidler Avenue
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 287-3083

I got my order after a slight wait and then I went back to work. When I returned to work I ate the burger and then I opened the pie. When I opened the Burger King Dutch Apple pie and I noticed to my dismay that the top crust and was completely raw and uncooked. This was not just nasty, but unhealthy.

I tried to call the Burger King store, and was told by the manager there that they don’t bake the pies and that if it was raw, that it was raw from the distributor (as if that had anything to do with me receiving a uncooked pie). So I told them that that was inconsequential, the fact was that I ordered the Dutch apple pie from their Burger King restaurant and that they were the ones responsible for making certain all the food is cooked thoroughly before being served to potential customers.

They argued with me in a rude manner and did not agree, arguing that all they did was pop the thing in the microwave. They felt that if there was a problem that could have happened at the manufacturers plant or bakery that it was not their fault at all. In their opinion they felt that they were off the hook and screw me.

That of course, is a ridiculous excuse. They don’t cut their french fries either, but they are responsible for making certain they are completely cooked and done, aren’t they? I am so pissed. I was served a raw or improperly cooked Dutch apple pie from the Burger King located on Weidler Avenue here in Portland Oregon.

The managers never once offered to exchange my pie for another one or to give me a refund. They just took the attitude that I was in the wrong and they did nothing wrong here. They clearly served me an inedible apple pie and were basically trying to screw me over. They have not heard the last of me.

I will be posting this complaint all over the internet and everywhere else I can. I will also send a copy to the Burger King company headquarters. Lets see what the CEO thinks about the fact that their stores are serving raw and improperly cooked food. If I were you I would avoid this Burger King in Portland Oregon. The manager is rude and they serve undercooked and raw food!

One thought on “Portland Oregon Burger King restaurant review – my apple pie had raw crust and the manager was rude to me!

  1. Uhm, you bought food from Burger King and minimum wage employees that couldn’t care less about you or the food you eat – you get what you pay for. If you want good quality and healthy food don’t go looking for it at your local Burger King or other fastfood joint.

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