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Prana night club Tampa FL Review – I was disappointed with my experience at Prana

I was disappointed with my experience at Prana


I am on spring break and every year me and my boys go out to club Prana in Ybor City in the Tampa, FL area. In past years we have had a great time dancing the night away, meeting girls, and having a few drinks.

We decided to stop to get a few drinks at a local bar along the way. There was a place that had a good special of a shot and a beer for $2 so we couldn’t pass that up. Especially since the drinks at Prana were definitely going to be expensive.

We showed up about 11 after having those drinks at the bar. There was a long line, but said that they could get us in right now for $15 cover instead of $10. I felt like we were being taken advantage of a little bit, but we were a little tipsy so just went with it.




After paying our $15 cover I went to the bar to get a beer. Not by surprise it was $4. That is about average for beers at a club. So I wasn’t too upset, I knew what I was getting myself into. It took a while to get a beer though. There was only one bar tender and she wasn’t moving very quickly.

After we got our drink we walked around a bit to see what was going on. We couldn’t get very far though, our paths were blocked by larger African American women, and unattractive girls. We were all a bit gross out by this.

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The thing I like about this club is how big it is inside. They have 5 floors with different music on each level. It is definitely very unique, and you don’t see that many floors in a club in a lot of places. The fifth floor being a rooftop setting with a DJ and full bar and a great view of the Tampa skyline in the distance.

We spent a lot of our night on the roof enjoying the fresh air and kicking back and having a good time. I was a bit disappointed with how the club has gone down compared to how it was in pasted years. Maybe next year we will try a different club. Prana has really fallen off.

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