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Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville NC review – the ER doctor made a wrong diagnosis and then they charged me a ton for this mistreatment!

Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville NC review
I went to this hospital, got a wrong diagnosis and terrible customer service and then a $4,000 bill!

The Emergency department at Presbyterian hospital in Huntersville NC is a joke.  I went there the other day and found this hospital to be for the birds.  Their customer service is worse then Wal-Mart – they suck.  They kept me waiting for almost 6 hours for something that should have taken no more than 1. $4K later, I was released with the wrong diagnosis and with prescriptions I ended up not needing.

Can you believe this?  They gave me horrible customer service, made me wait over 6 hours for the wrong diagnosis and then wanted to charge me $4,000 for this.   They shouldn’t be charging me anything if they can’t make a correct diagnosis.  Isn’t that illegal to charge me for making a wrong diagnosis?  That just isn’t right at all.

It’s completely ludicrous and crazy.  When I challenged the diagnosis that the ER doctor made (after consulting my own personal doctor), I was sent a “heart felt” letter from Presbyterian where they tried to talk over my head using complex medical terminology – basically telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about.  Along with it they sent a copy of the bill stating that it was overdue – what nice folks they have at Presbyterian Hospital.

Now I’m forced to pay or end up with collections coming after me because I can’t afford a lawyer to pursue this crap further.  If I had good insurance I wouldn’t owe anything or maybe a $100 or so.  But because I lost my job last year I cannot afford health insurance and I am screwed – but I will not pay Presbyterian Hospital a dime.  They can kiss my big, fat, black ass.

I got a wrong diagnosis from their dipshit ER doctor whom couldn’t tell my front from my backside – what a dumbass.  I wonder how he ever graduated from or even got into medical school.  Must be the standards have really been lowered.  I wonder, does anyone know of a good attorney that would be interested in taking my case against Presbyterian Hospital?

Is there an attorney out there that wants to sue Presbyterian for big bucks for making a wrong diagnosis in my case?  Will they do it  on a contingency basis as I don’t have the money to pay them.  Regardless you can bet I will not be returning to Presbyterian hospital ever again.  Safe to say CMC will be the only hospital I or any of my family will ever go to here in the Charlotte area – emergency or not.

Do not go to Presbyterian Hospital. Their doctors are not good and they will  give you a wrong diagnosis and then charge you way more than CMC ever would (2 to 4 times more from what I have seen)!

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