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PriceGrabber shopping website review – it’s a great place to start, but you still need to shop around!

PriceGrabber shopping website review
This is an honest review of and their online shopping price portal.

With all these apps out there for your smart phone and Facebook and twitter users telling you to use PriceGrabber as your sole shopping source, I thought it would be fair and just to do a good honest review of the PriceGrabber website so I wrote to say whether it is a great place to use for sourcing good prices on products and product reviews or not.

First off, PriceGrabber is a very easy-to-use website and it’s quick and easy to access what you’re looking for. Regardless if you’re looking for a digital camera, laptop computer or the latest cooking magazine, etc… there’s a lot to choose from on their website and some of the products have a good number of reviews to tell you whether it is a good product or not.

So that’s the good part. The bad part is, as you will quickly notice, there are a lot of sources that they check against for their best prices. Many of the items listed on their website only have one to three or so online resources that they use like or others.

So what does means you are not seeing the best price half of the time. Nowhere is this more clear or questionable than with the magazines subscriptions. When you look at a lot of the magazines they only use as their source. They don’t have or anyone else listed. That sounds a little fishy and biased to me.

That might mean that maybe they’re getting paid under the table by to only list them as the source for the best price for these magazine subscriptions. As I have previously found with they are not the best price out there. I can always beat any of their prices on any magazine subscription quickly by just going is one of those online resources that’s associated with being found in school textbook bags claiming to have the best prices in the world and then all it takes is to spend 2 seconds looking the magazine up online and you can usually beat that price by $5-$20 for a 1 year subscription.

I like the fact that is so easy-to-use, but I completely dislike the fact that there is a very limited choice of suppliers or product vendors. And especially dislike the fact that in the magazines area I can only seem to find one source for these supposedly great deals on magazines –

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Until I see a much less biased results list for products and great prices on PriceGrabber I have to give this a very mixed review. I do recommend them as a good place to start your shopping, but I have actually found to be a better place with better product reviews and recommendations and lower prices overall.

My suggestion here is that PriceGrabber as a website is just an initial source for product information you still need to do a lot of your own research and after looking at PriceGrabber I would definitely go to prior to purchasing anything. I have always found the prices lower on for just about everything. They also guarantee that you will receive your item or get your money back.

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