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Price’s Chicken Coop review – Best fried chicken you will find anywhere!

Prices Chicken Coop fried chicken review
Prices Chicken Coop clearly has the best fried chicken in the south!

Price’s Chicken Coop, 1614 Camden Road, Charlotte, NC, phone 1(704)333-9866

I had heard a lot of people telling me how the best fried chicken in Charlotte North Carolina was at Price’s Chicken Coop near downtown.  So I went down there to go and give it a try.  It’s located right off of South Tryon by the train.  And when you get there there’s a huge line that goes outside the door and around the building – must be they really do have the best fried chicken in the South!

When I got to the door and said Ray on the door that they do not accept credit cards or checks.  I didn’t have any cash on me and only had my credit cards and I’ve really never heard of a restaurant or fast food place that doesn’t take credit cards.  So I had to leave and go find it ATM first there was one outside of a bank a few blocks away.  And then I had to come back and start all over in the line again.

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It took a good half an hour to get through the line and finally be able to place an order.  I had never had their fried chicken before and wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted but I like dark meat and my girlfriend likes white meat.  So I figured I would get a half chicken of white meat and a half of chicken of dark meat.


They told back in a half chicken of white meat but I have to order two quarters of chicken of dark meat because they don’t have half chickens of dark meat.  That was fine.  So I ordered that and while was waiting I noticed on their menu you can get wings, chicken livers, chicken gizzards and they even have fish – perch, shrimp and some kind of fish and shrimp.

Apparently they serve your dinner with coleslaw, hush puppies, tater rounds and a roll.  I love hush puppies and haven’t had any in a very long time – last time I had good hush puppies was when they had the fish fry up there by Ramsey Creek Park on Lake Norman.  That must have closed down maybe 15 years ago. 

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The staff at Price’s chicken coop wasn’t the nicest staff I’ve ever dealt with, but they weren’t mad either.  I got my order and pay for and then I took it home to eat with my girlfriend.  Let me tell you this – it was awesome!  I have never had fried chicken that was this good in my life.  It was so tasty and moist and holy blows away anything from Kentucky fried chicken (KFC)! 

Price’s Chicken Coop clearly has the best fried chicken you will find anywhere and is well worth the trip and the wait.

2 thoughts on “Price’s Chicken Coop review – Best fried chicken you will find anywhere!

  1. Prices chicken coop has the best fried chicken in Charlotte NC period. It beats the crap out of KFC and Bojangles. It is addicting and I have to have it once a week or so. When I was pregnant with my 6th baby I had this mad craving for it every day in my last trimester. That chicken at Prices is just soooo good!

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