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Providence Eye and Laser contact lens review – they charge way too much for contact lenses!

Providence Eye and Laser contact lens review
I went to Providence Eye and Laser to get some new contact lenses and got ripped off big time!

I wear gas permeable contact lenses and have for many years.  Every spring I have a problem with my allergies that makes my contacts wear faster and makes my eyes itch.  this makes it so that my contact lenses do not last as long as they could normally and so they only last a few years for me.  I needed a new pair so I went to Providence Eye and Lasik here in Charlotte, NC off of Providence Rd.

Providence Eye and Laser Specialists
3025 Springbank Ln # 200
Charlotte, NC 28226

The lady I met with was okay, not overly nice, but acceptably nice. she gave me an eye exam that was actually really quick and then gave me a price for my contact lenses that was almost 3 times more then what I was previously paying for them. I had to ask her if these were special contact lenses at that price.

Her reply was that they were standard run of the mill gas permeable contact lenses. I couldn’t believe the price she charged me for these gas permeable lenses. I paid for them, but later I did a little research and found out that they were overcharging me on these contact lenses big time!

Their true cost on these gas permeable lenses was like $20 or less. I decided for the future that I was going to order my same brand gas permeable contact lenses from 1800Contacts and save a mint. What right does Providence Eye and Laser have to charge a 300-500% markup on contact lenses when you are already paying them for an eye exam and then a fitting fee ($85).

They are a ripoff at Providence Eye and Laser. I called the staff at Providence Eye and Laser to get my eye prescription so I could give it to the staff at 1800 Contacts. They wouldn’t give it to me and said that my fitting wasn’t done yet. That was a complete lie and they knew it. They had finished fitting me for my contact lenses in like 10 minutes or under and they charged me $85 for it. They never called me over the next 3 months to tell me my fitting wasn’t complete.

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They are a pack of liars there. Still they refused to give me my eye prescription. I even had a lady at 1800 contacts call them and they wouldn’t give her the information either. I ended up having to go to the vision care Center in Wal-Mart to get my prescription which I could then give to the folks at 1800 contacts. I was finally able to purchase my contacts through them and save a ton of money over the ridiculous prices they charge at Providence Eye and Laser.

My advice is stay away from Dr. Mozayeni’s Providence Eye and Laser. You can save a ton by going to the vision care center in Wal-Mart and then sending your prescription to a online store like 1800Contacts.

2 thoughts on “Providence Eye and Laser contact lens review – they charge way too much for contact lenses!

  1. I went to Providence Eye and Laser down here in South Charlotte and you are right. They are too expensive for contact lenses and eye care. You can get better care for less elsewhere. I ended up going to Dr. Christenbury off Randolph road to have laser eye surgery and I am very happy with the results – 20/20 in both eyes and the price was about half of what they wanted at Dr. Mozayeni’s Providence Eye & Laser. My suggestion is to go and check out Dr. Christenbury. He has the greatest laser surgery success ratio and the most satisfied clients of any eye surgeon in the Charlotte area.

  2. I second that – Providence Eye and Laser and Dr. Mozayeni are strictly after profits. Way too expensive for services rendered. Apparently they have now hired a shady SEO company to help bury all their bad reviews and leave many false/fake positive reviews.It just goes to show you what kind of company Providence Laser really is…

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