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Providence Eye & Laser Specialists review – I had my laser eye surgery there and was not happy with the results at all!

Providence Eye & Laser Specialists review
I had Lazik eye surgery at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists with Dr. Mozayeni and they did a very poor job and refused to fix what was clearly their mistake - now I am left with double vision in my left eye and terrible headaches!

A few years ago I decided to have laser eye surgery for my eyes.  I always had bad eyesight and always needed to wear glasses.  So, I heard a lot of good things about the Providence Eye & Laser Specialists and Dr. Mozayeni and their Lazik surgery and I decided to go and have my laser eye surgery performed by them (it turned out that was a bad mistake as you will soon see).

I had worn contact lenses for years and since they were a gas permeable contact lenses (more rigid then soft contact lenses) I needed to go one month without worrying my contact lenses before Dr. Mozayeni performed the eye surgery.  The first meeting I had with the staff at Providence Eye & Laser was very laid back and pleasant.

Then came the surgery day rest saw people coming and going like it was a conveyor belt or an automated process.  They must be doing 20 or more of these Lazik or laser eye surgeries every day there.  Anyway it finally came to be my time to have it done.  I was a little nervous and then they took me into the room with the laser machines.

First they used a laser to cut a flap over the cornea of my eyes.  For the right eye everything went fine during this procedure.  For the left eye something apparently went wrong as it took far longer and Dr. Mozayeni kept telling his assistant to make notes of  whatever it was that went wrong.  They never told me anything about this.  I only know what I heard.

Next they took me to the machine where you lay down and a laser actually burns the cornea to the right shape for optimum vision.  It smells like burning human hair and flesh while you are under this machine.  My left eye took a lot longer than my right eye again for some reason and apparently the energy for the laser became drained and we had to wait for it to build back up again.

My eyes were really cloudy and messed up for the next few days but that was expected. Soon that went away, but I was left with terrible night vision and halos around lights that made me squint and gave me headaches.  Dr. Mozayeni told me this was normal and to keep using eye lubrication and rewetting drops.  He said some of this could be caused by dry eyes which treatment with the laser can result in temporarily.

Then out of nowhere the clear vision I had in my left eye gave way to double vision.  This did not go away and did not get better.  According to the contract that I had and paid for with Dr. Mozayeni and Providence Eye & Laser Specialists I had one year of free touchups to either eye that was covered and paid for.  But whenever I called or came in for a patient follow up visit I was told all sorts of excuses and put off.

It was quite obvious that they were trying to get out of doing a touch up or fix surgery to correct the double vision in my eye.  They wanted me to wait until after the 1 year time period of my contract was up so that I would have to pay for another surgery.  Or they just didn’t want to have to fix their mistake.

Since this time I’ve gone to several other area eye surgeons for their opinions.  Most said it was easy to fix and that the machine’s calibration was either off a little or the surgeon made a slight error.   In either case there was an error made as to the laser surgery that was performed on my eye and I am not very happy about it at all.

In either case it was not something that Dr. Mozayeni couldn’t have fixed, but now, because he wouldn’t honor the contract we had signed and fix what was clearly his mistake, I have to pay to have my left eye fixed by a different and probably better lazik eye surgeon here in Charlotte North Carolina.  I think it is just wrong the way they do business at Providence Eye & Laser and the way they refuse to fix what was clearly an error on their part.  That’s just bad business.

I have several friends looking to get laser eye surgery and you can bet they, along with everyone else I know, will be told exactly what happened to me and to avoid Providence Eye & Laser Specialists.  I am also going to tell my story to the world on the internet.  I clearly did not have a good experience with my laser eye surgery and I am not satisfied with my results either.

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  1. Hey amazing post. It is of my opinion that Lasik eye surgery is a far better technique to increase your vision as it is permanent. Also, it will reduce the tension of carrying eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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