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Public Storage Dallas Texas self storage facility review – this storage center on West Mockingbird Lane sucks!

Public Storage Dallas Texas self storage facility review
This Dallas Texas Public Storage facility is rude and ridiculous - do not use them under any circumstance!

I have a bone to pick with the Public Storage here in Dallas Texas.

Public Storage
3550 West Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75235

They never let me inspect the unit prior to my renting it out. They never even let me look at it until I had rented it out and paid for my first months rent.  Later they fined me for damage to the door of the unit which was there prior to me renting the unit. They were very snotty and rude at this Public Storage location here in Dallas Texas.

My husband ended up losing his job and I was going through some very tough times. They didn’t care and are putting my stuff up for auction. I told him that I can pay them the full amount owed at the end of next week. They don’t care they want the money by tomorrow or my stuff goes up for auction.

I only get paid every 2 weeks and there is no way I can come up with the money owed in time by tomorrow. I tried to even take some possessions to the local pawn shop to try and raise some money to get this auction stopped on my stuff. I have called friends and I even called this sleazy old guy at work that always had a crush on me to see if he could help – I still can’t come up with the amount the manager at the Public Storage wants.

I don’t think this is right and it may not even be legal. If a customer promises to pay you the full amount of rent due for a storage unit in about one weeks time then it the right thing to do would be for them to hold off on the auction until I pay the owed rent next week. They said very rudely to me that they don’t have time for people of my kind. That could even be racist in nature.

If they go ahead and sell my stuff at auction I will make due on my threat that I will sue them into the ground and my name will be on that place. They are going to pay me dearly for their illegal acts here at this self storage center here in Dallas TX. I have grown tired of how they are treating me and this weekend I will be looking into different attorneys to use to sue them into bankruptcy.

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I just can’t get over how mean and rude staff at the public storage on West Mockingbird Lane here in Dallas Texas is. I work hard for my money and I have worked very hard to attain the things that I placed in that storage bin there. I shouldn’t have to have my items auctioned off.

I am willing to pay everything owed, but they will not give me until next week. The staff at this Public Storage place is crap. Don’t rent a storage unit here from these bastards.

One thought on “Public Storage Dallas Texas self storage facility review – this storage center on West Mockingbird Lane sucks!

  1. LOL!!!! Oh, where to begin on this one. Where – to – begin.

    For starters, they’re supposed to show the unit to you before you rent so you can see if it’s big enough. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t but I would tend to think that you would have seen the door damage when you put the lock on your unit which is what you’re supposed to do right after you sign the contract. Did you not see the damage then?

    As for your hard times, auctioning your stuff, yada yada yada, the contract CLEARLY states (and I’m guessing that you didn’t even read it) that your lock gets cut off after being 30 days late. That’s when it goes into lien. That’s not even the day of the auction! You still have roughly another month after the lock has been cut to settle up. I love your comment, “I’m not even sure this is legal.” Try reading your contract!

    Now, onto the part about them not liking your kind here and that the comment was of a racist nature. The property manager wasn’t referring to your kind as black, mexican, asian, whatever. The property manager was most likely referring to your kind as in STUPID, moronic, rude, things of that nature.

    I assure you that anyone with half a brain is laughing at you when reading this and the judge and all attorneys involved will also laugh at you should you try to take this to court. Again, it’s all in the contract that YOU SIGNED! I used to work there and I was told to explain the contract to the customers. No matter how much I tried to simplify it, most peoples eyes would glaze over and they wouldn’t pay attention. Those are the same people that are full of questions and rude comments when their stuff is getting auctioned!

    Public Storage does not go by “promises” that you or other people make. They go by the contract. If they actually let you and other people slide because they “promised” to pay their rent they wouldn’t be in business. If you can’t afford it then get your stuff out and move on. Mortgage and auto lenders tend to act the same way when you don’t pay them.

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