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PureVPN torrent downloading VPN review – PureVPN is simply the best VPN for downloading movie, music and software torrents on the internet!

PureVPN torrent downloading VPN review
I use PureVPN for all my torrent downloading needs and it is by far the best VPN service out there!

Ever since the 1980’s and BBS bulletin boards I haven’t had the desire to pay for any software or anything else – why pay for are these things when you can download them from someone else for free? I have downloaded everything from the first version of Microsoft Windows and MS flight simulator to the original Zork I and Microsoft Adventure text adventure games to the latest and newest stuff like Microsoft Windows 7, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Rosetta Stone language learning software.

I know that in the past few years the copyright or intellectual property owners (producers of the software, music and movies) are using attorneys like Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver to try and extort people that download these items for thousands of dollars (Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver is now sending out letters requesting $3,000 or more for each instance).

I don’t want to receive a letter like this so I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The VPN gives me complete anonymity on the internet. This is not only good for making it impossible for the IP holders or their vermin attorneys to catch me, but it is also equally important to keep hackers and other nefarious individuals away from my personal information. Identity theft is a massive problem and my VPN keeps all my information safe from prying eyes.

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The VPN I use is PureVPN ( I have used other VPN services and found that others throttle or slow down your download speeds. Only PureVPN offers true unlimited download speeds. So, this means you can download whole movies and documentaries in half an hour instead of 2 weeks – that is a big difference. With PureVPN I am able to watch what I download that day and usually in an hour or less. You can’t do that with any other VPN service.

I also like the fact that PureVPN is cheap and extremely easy to set up and use. Most virtual private networks take a computer geek and a degree in computer science or similar to get them up and running. That is truly not the case with PureVPN. The set up literally takes minutes and in one hours time you can already be watching the latest HD movies and more.

Another great feature is that there are no drops in the VPN service like there are with other VPN services. These drops may not seem like much, but if you continue to download during those drops your home ip address is exposed for all to see. That is very bad and can cost you big time because all it takes is for your ip address to be exposed for 1 second and if the intellectual property holder or their attorneys are watching you will be on the receiving end of a very expensive extortion letter.

With PureVPN there are zero drops ever. The PureVPN vpn service is ironclad and virtually guarantees anonymity from any and everyone. You basically don’t exist to prying eyes. If I were downloading torrents of the latest movies, music and software I would definitely use PureVPN (and believe me – I download thousands of torrents).

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  1. I am I don’t have a comment about PureVPN or VPN’s in general, but I am having an issues and don’t know where to turn. I am using PureVPN and cannot download any music. I get to the point where it looks for “Finding Peers,” and nothing. Could you help or point me to a website. Thanx.

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