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Quiznos Complaint – I was overcharged for a cold sub

I had a horrible experience at Quiznos


I have been to quiznos a few times before, but tended to not go very often because they are very pricey. I can’t really afford to spend eleven dollars on lunch on a regular basis.

It had been a long time since I had gone, so I decided to spoil myself and head over to Quiznos. In the past, there was usually long lines out the door, but this time I went there was no one in line. I was a bit surprised since it was 12 o’clock on the dot.

I placed my order at the counter for my favorite sub there the chicken carbonara. I was especially hungry that day so I ordered a large. I watch the girl behind the counter make my sub and place it in the toaster.




As I waited for it to be toasted I paid for my meal at the counter. I needed a drink so I ordered a soda with it. As expected I was charged an absurd amount for my lunch. I spend $15 for a large sub and a drink. Their prices are out of control. I can see why their popularity had died down since the last time I was there.

I took a seat at a nearby table and began to eat my sub. I took my first bite and I furious with how my sub tasted. After paying $15 for my meal my sub was cold! The least they can do after charging this ridiculous amount for their subs is make it how I want it.

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I went back to the counter to have it retoasted to find there was nobody there to serve me. I peaked my head around the corner to find the girl who made my sandwich making a personal phone call to what appeared to be her boyfriend. I repeated yelled to try and grab her attention but I was rudely ignored.

finally I gave up and sat down again. I ate my unsatisfying cold sub and abruptly left. I have no intentions ever returning to Quiznos again. This experience lost my business forever.

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