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Rachel Ray 30 minute get real meals book review – this cook book is a must buy as it is loaded with great and tasty recipes!

Rachel Ray 30 minute get real meals book review
I bought this Rachel Ray cookbook for $3 at Marshall's and it is one of the best cookbooks we have. I highly recommend it to everyone!

I was looking for some new cooking recipes for my wife and I happened to be at Marshall’s and was looking through the books they had for sale when I found this book by Rachel Ray and the Food Network. I don’t usually watch the Food Network or much TV in any case because I don’t have the time. But the book looked pretty easy to follow and had some pretty and placing looking pictures in it and Marshall’s only wanted $3 for it so I had to buy it.

When I opened up the inside flap it look like the regular price was $20 – so $3 for this book was a pretty good buy in my opinion. When I got home I gave the book to my wife whom said – oh no, not another cooking book. But I showed it to her and she actually started to look through it and got interested in it right away. She apparently liked quite a few of the ideas for recipes in the book also.

Since then my wife has cooked many of the recipes in Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Get Real Meals Cookbook and there are some really tasty dishes in there. On page 53 it is the sausage patty melt. This is a very good recipe and one the kids just love. The best thing is it is really quick and easy to put together.

And you just have to try the meatball and spinach No-sagna and a Basic-is -best Italian salad on page 154. This quickly became a family and relative favorite. My wife made this for a dinner over Christmas time when we had quite a few relatives and friends over for dinner and it was a big hit. This dish is a meet and spinach casserole that is like a healthy lasagna without the noodles and with plenty of healthy, leafy greens – spinach. This is a great dish for getting kids to eat their vegetables.

And then there’s the recipe for cream of cheddar soup and lime chicken avocado salad – one word describes this recipe on page 122 in the book – delicious! This recipe is great for a Sunday brunch or an afternoon game of bridge with good friends. I prefer to make it with the chicken cut up into smaller pieces then they show in the book. Either way it is great, though, and everyone is sure to like it.

Then there’s the lemon, garlic and cilantro baked stuffed tomatoes. These look great and are a great appetizer or course for a meal. I like to serve them before a big Italian dish like pasta with homemade sauce or lasagna. They are full of flavor and look and taste like you spent a whole day making them when in reality this is one of the easiest recipes in Rachel Ray’s book.

Then there’s the baby lamb chops with artichoke and Tarragon dip on page 19. the book as these as part of a low-carb cocktail party snack menu with numerous other little appetizers, but I like them so much I make a bunch of them and have them as the main course – they are exquisite and awesomely delicious. These baby lamb chops are definitely a dinner favorite in my house.

These are just a few of the great recipes in Rachel Ray’s 30 minute Get Real Meals cookbook. What I and my wife (whom is a far better cook then I) love the most is that every recipe in the book is easy to do and there aren’t a lot of hard to find or expensive ingredients that are required like with some cookbooks (can we say Martha Stewart?).

If you’re looking for a great cookbook with lots of super tasty and easy to cook recipes then you need to get this book from Rachel Ray and the Food Network. Rachel Ray makes everything really simple and it’s loaded with little tips on cooking, cooking ideas and more. This is definitely one of my families favorite cookbooks.

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