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I was signing up for my first semester of college and wanted to do some research on my professors. I had already signed up for the classes but wanted to double check to make sure that they were good teachers before the semester started. So I decided to check out

I logged onto and search for my school. My school conveniently came right up and I was able to scroll through my teachers alphabetically. I was very impressed with the simple user interface of the It was very easy to navigate.

Once I found one of my teacher I click on him to read his reviews. They had 5 main categories at the top summing up his performance as a teacher. The categories are overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness, and hotness (how attractive the professor is).

Below that there were user reviews from students who previously had this teacher. I was lucky to find that there were mostly only good things said about this teacher that I will be taking next semester. So after reading up on him I clicked on another teacher that I had.

This second teacher review on however did not get such great reviews. Their overall quality was poor and the reviews written about her were terrible. I remember reading a few that said “avoid at all costs” and “worst teacher ever!” so that made my decision pretty easy. I immediately went a switched my class to a different professor.

Having a bad professor can make your life miserable for the next four months. Thankfully takes the guessing out of registering for classes. I will be sure to use from now on whenever I register for class in the future.

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