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Red Robin Review – good cheeseburgers, terrible service.

I had horrible service at a Red Robin in Charlotte, NC

My sister was in town visiting so we decided to grab a bite to eat and catch up a little bit. We both had agreed that we wanted to grab a burger and thought Red Robin would be a good choice. I had been to Red Robin in the past, but not this particular location on Harris blvd in Charlotte, NC.

We arrived about 9 pm and the restaurant was not busy at all. There were no more than 5 tables occupied and no hostess at the podium in the front of the restaurant. We waited in the front for about 10 ten minutes until the manager finally approached us, and sat us down. He didn’t apologize for making us wait so long, and seemed really annoyed that we were there.

After we sat down, he informed us that our waiter would be over shortly to take our order. We were eager to get our order placed and eat, but the waiter took about 15 minutes to come over and take our drink order. I thought this was ridiculous seeing as there was basically no one else there eating.




After we placed our drink order we decided that we wanted an appetizer while we waited for our food. However we didn’t even get a chance to place the order. The waiter brought the drinks to us and immediately took off in the other direction without saying anything to us.

He didn’t return to take our order so I had to get up out of my seat to give him our order for our onion ring appetizer. The way Red Robin is set up you can see when food is finished and ready to be served. We noticed that it didn’t take long our onion rings to be cooked, but sat under the heat lamps for a good 5 minutes before out waiter even brought them to us.

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When our onion rings were brought to us I made sure to order our food while he was there. I didn’t let him walk away before we could order our meals. He seemed annoyed that we asked to order, and violently wrote down on his note pad what we had ordered.

Our food arrived about 15 minutes later and was pretty good. The burgers were hot and fresh. The fries were also very crisp. We did enjoy our food, but the service there was absolutely terrible. We spent 90 minutes just trying to grab a burger and some fries. I will go to Red Robin again, but definitely not at that location.

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