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Repticon reptile convention review – this convention was loaded with cool snakes, spiders, lizards and more.

Repticon reptile convention review
I took the kids to the Charlotte Repticon reptile convention and they loved it!

I was listening to the radio earlier in the week last week and I heard an advertisement for a reptile and exotic animal convention here in Charlotte North Carolina. I told my wife about it and we both agreed that this would be something really fun and interesting for the kids. So I got up early Saturday morning and headed out to the Cabarrus Convention center which is about 20 minutes from my house.

When we got there we paid five dollars to park even though it’s all farmland all around there – this kind of didn’t make sense to me and probably just fattens the coffers of the local Cabarrus County government. Well, so we paid and parked our car and walked to the main entrance.

when we got inside I noticed that there were all these elementary through high school age girls running around dressed in cheerleader outfits. It looked like we were at a national cheer leading competition or something similar – I asked several people there where the Repticon snake convention was and all I could get was shrugs and I don’t knows.

Apparently there was a cheer leading convention that was most likely a scam in the first big main building (they do these scams in modeling, cheerleading and more to prey on and profit off of moms and parents of little girls). Well anyway, as we walked out of this building I noticed that there was far off on another building a blown up cobra snake – that had to be where the reptile convention was.

green veiled chameleon from reptile convention
Here is a picture of the veiled chameleon that was my kids favorite. This is the one they were trying to talk me into buying.

We went inside of that building which is building number three and found the correct convention inside. The price wasn’t bad it was $20 for I and 2 of my sons to attend the Repticon reptile convention. As soon as we entered the convention floor through the blown up snakes head ( my kids thought that was a really neat touch) we noticed there were tables and tables full of everything from snakes, lizards and spiders to scorpions and more.

Just about everything was for sale. you could buy juvenile, baby or adult snakes, lizards and even spiders like pink tarantulas. It was really neat and interesting. A lot of the booths were manned by people that had years of experience with exotic animals and reptiles and they were very interesting to learn from and listen to.

We were only there for about four or five hours and we saw thousands of snakes, bearded lizards and even some cool chameleons – my son’s phone love with a female veiled chameleon. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of anything but the chameleons there by my sons. Once they saw these chameleons at all they wanted to see. And of course they wanted to buy one or two of them to bring home – I told him I couldn’t do that because my wife would probably throw me out of the house if I did that without asking her first.

They almost won me over though and I almost bought one but I decided not to at the last minute. I just thought it would better for us to read up on chameleons and how to care for them prior to actually purchasing one. And regardless of what my kids were saying its care was going to fall on me, not them.

Anyway, it was a great time and very interesting to say the least. They had some presentations in the back but I found that your time is better spent learning from the people at the booths and seeing the actual reptiles and animals yourself. there were some really interesting variations of lizards, a pit of scorpions that must’ve had 80 or so Emperor scorpions in it.

And there was a lady carrying around a monitor lizard that had to have been 4 feet long but she let the kids pet. If you want to learn about reptiles and lizards the Repticon reptile and snake convention can’t be beat. It’s a great learning experience and it’s great for kids. it’s also very safe and there were no poisonous snakes or lizards there (apparently they reserve those for the larger Repticon reptile and exotic animal convention in Columbia South Carolina).

2 thoughts on “Repticon reptile convention review – this convention was loaded with cool snakes, spiders, lizards and more.

  1. I am thinking of taking my sons in Charleston later in the month. We are NOT in any way, shape or form purchasing a reptile. We are in a too tiny house and have 2 large dogs, one of which hunts anything and everything. So, my question is, still worth going to to learn if I have a reptile obsessed son?

  2. Great review of Repticon! Pretty much described it perfectly. I go all the time when I can as I have bred Leopard Geckos. In fact im going to Repticon Houston in three days of me typing this. Glad you enjoyed it!

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