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Republic Charlotte NC Review – This club is a great place to go for those who love to dance

I had a great club experience at Re:public in Charlotte NC

Me and my girlfriend were recently looking for somewhere to go out and came across Re:Public in downtown Charlotte, NC. I found the name interesting the way it was spelled and was curious what the club looked liked inside. We waited in like about 5 minutes, which was okay considering the nice weather and good music coming from the club.

Coming in, I entered on a nice large patio area. I thought this was great because my girlfriend and me are both smokers. We were able to light one up and grab a drink at a long bar located on the patio; which was also convenient.

When entering the first thing we noticed were these lights big lights at the tops of columns throughout the club. They were changing colors and seemed to be going really good with the beat. I don’t know if it was meant to be that way or not.

As I walked in further I noticed dancers in the back on these platforms. They were very attractive and coordinated well with each other in outfits, routines, and the music. This was a very attractive part of the club.

Right behind the dancers was this VIP section with couches, tables, chairs, and private bar. It was really spacious and looked like the best seat in the house. I was wishing I could be in there.. Maybe next time I will be a little more prepared and bring some extra money.

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So we danced a little and walked around some more and got a few drinks. Seems like they have a lot of bars and multiple bartenders at each one. We never had any wait for drinks; which was great!

The drink prices were competitive, but didn’t spend that much. I had a hell of a time and can’t wait to come back again! I would definitely recommend Republic to anyone that enjoys a fun night of dancing at the club.

One thought on “Republic Charlotte NC Review – This club is a great place to go for those who love to dance

  1. I am a fan of your niteclub.but as a party goer I must say that I was very turned off the last 2 weeks,about how there were people in the lines waiting for hrs. only to see people just walk up & go right in. I know that there were guests that probably had vip passes,but theres no way that all those people had vip passes.I don’t know exactly what was going on,but I do know that it was very unorganized,& not a good look.I have seen so many clubs come & go due to that fact alone. Matter of fact theres a club that hasn’t been open a year yet,& when it 1st opened,thats all anyone ever talked about. the lines were always congested,& it was the talk of the town,but now its so easy to go in.the lines are nonexistence.& I know that was due to the lack of organization. I’m not tryna tell you how to run your business,but im just sayn…

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