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This is the page where you could enter your reviews of companies and services. They can be either positive or negative depending upon the circumstances involving this business or service and whether or not he received the intended item or service or whether or not you receive bad customer service in the process.

You must first register and become a member (else you will not be able to enter any submissions). To become a member you just click on the register link in the upper right hand corner of this or any page on Once you register a password will be emailed to you. Then you can use this password to login and you will then be able to submit reviews, complaints and more.

These are intended to be entirely consumer reviews. Please do not abuse the rules and terms and conditions of this website by leaving false and libelous reviews of competing companies. If a review is found to be falsely left it will be removed from our website and the offending parties account will be closed.

Please stick to the facts in your reviews and abstain from name calling and profanity. We require that you enter your name and address along with a valid e-mail address that verifies that you are a real person and so you can be contacted if necessary. We do not share your e-mail address and other private information. We will review all reviews prior to publishing them.

We will not publish anything that we deem as spam. If you do not want your name listed with your complaint for all to see but just on file then be sure and note that as above and include a unique username along with the rest of your information and we will only use the username when we publish your entry.

Also be sure and include a picture or two of the business or product you are writing about. Include a brief sentence along with the picture that you would like stated in a caption under the picture. This is not necessary but will definitely help gain attention to your complaint or review. Be sure and use either your own pictures or pictures that are not copyright protected for this. (If you prefer or if its easier you can always send us your posts, complaints and reviews through our email address:

Also, all comments, posts, entries, etc… all become the sole property of upon submission.

Enter your information and your consumer review in the appropriate boxes below (If you do not see the entry boxes below that means you are not registered or logged in. Please click on the appropriate link (login or register) in the upper right corner of the website so you can proceed with entering your submission):