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Rotten Tomatoes Review – is a great place for movie reviews and other movie information is a great place for movie reviews


Whenever I am in the mood to go see a movie I always check out some reviews on the internet before I go see it. I want to make sure that the movie that I plan on seeing is going to be worth both my time and money. A friend of mine told me I should try for movie reviews. He said that has a lot of different opinions and evaluations of the movies.

So I decided to try it out that weekend when I was going to see a movie with my girlfriend. The site popped up and has a lot of information thrown at you right off the bat. On the left side of the screen there is a listing of all the current movies out, movies opening, and movies that are coming out soon. Along with the movie titles their is a percentage attached to it. This giving you immediate information about how well a movie is doing.

Also on the front page of it has trailers for new movies, and a section of the top DVD releases as well as top rentals. This front page was a little cluttered, but I felt gave you a lot of good information about many different movies.




As I explored further into I clicked on the movie “The Fighter” that had just came out. It showed the percentage the movie got and a list of short reviews from critics all of the country that had seen the movie. This particular movie had very good things written about it so I was very excited to go see it.

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Also on this page of were move movies that are popular right now in the box office. It displayed how much money that particular film had made as well as the grade. There is also a section that shows what dates the new movies will be released on. Not only did it give you information about a movie you wanted to see today, but future movies you might want to go see.

I was very impressed with the information provided. It gave very good, and accurate information. I will be using for any future movie information I might need. just blows the competition out of the water.

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