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Roxio Easy Media Creator review – the disc copy is super easy for creating dvds from downloaded torrents!

Roxio Easy Media Creator disc copy review
I have found Roxio Easy Media Creator and the disc copy function to be amazingly simple and extremely useful in creating playable dvds from downloaded movie torrents.

If you’ve noticed there’s a lot of competing software out there for creating DVDs and similar from downloaded torrents. As anybody knows you can’t just go and burn a torrent file to a dvd and play it on your DVD player or Blu-Ray player. The tour as to first be converted to the correct format and then written to the DVD in a format readable by your DVD or Blu-Ray player.

A lot of the tour is that you download you can watch on your computer on various video programs, but they still must be converted to the correct format and burned to a DVD before you can play them on your home DVD or Blu-Ray player. Some of these programs are used to do this conversion are easier to use than others.

And some of these programs are far better than others because they have many more formats that they can convert which is very helpful when you’re talking about downloaded movie torrents. This is because there is no one format for movie torrents. There are many different formats as you will quickly see and these then need to be converted to a generic DVD acceptable format.

I have used a lot of different programs for this in the past but by far the best that I’ve seen and easiest to use is the Roxio Easy Media Creator and disk copy functions there in. It is the quickest and easiest program that I have seen for creating readable DVDs from downloaded torrents.

All one has to do once they start up the disk copy suite is to click on video compilation and then add movie. It’s that simple. When I do it I also, after I’ve added the movie, click on the text editor so it just says the movie’s name instead of the actual site or person that uploaded that torrent. I don’t want a solid gibberish on my TV when I play it and the menu pops up in my DVD player.

Another nice feature that I’ve found with the Roxio easy media Creator disc copy is that it somehow does open up right into the download files saving me a lot of time. I have several different computers and if it didn’t do this it would take a while to figure out exactly where the download file is for each computer.

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It also has an option right at the beginning where instead of doing a video compilation you can do a CD or DVD copy, now this will not work in your DVD or Blu-Ray player, and this is for backing up files, pictures, books and magazines, etc… that you can download for free through websites like H33t, KickassTorrents, the Pirate Bay, Demonoid and more.

There is so much more you can do with the Roxio easy media Creator but I can’t possibly list all here. I’m just telling you that in my opinion this is the best disk copy and movie torrent converter that I have used and it is amazingly simple to use.

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