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Rush Fitness Complaint – this fitness company will waste your time and is extremely overpriced

Rush Fitness is ridiculously overpriced and has rude employees

I just moved to Greensboro NC and I needed to find a new place to work out. I had previous been at a local gym in my hometown of Charlotte NC and was hoping I could find a similar gym that was inexpensive and convenient to where I live. I had researched a few gyms online and didn’t have much luck so I decided to try Rush Fitness down the road.

I had never been to a Rush Fitness before and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Normally you would just go in and inquire about the prices and hours while you get a tour of what is going on. However at Rush Fitness you aren’t allowed to do that. So my horror story begins….

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I got there and was greeted very enthusiastically by the girl behind the counter, which I guess was to be expected at a gym. You want to employee enthusiastic people at a fitness facility. I asked her what their membership options were and I was told that they wouldn’t tell anything until I filled out this form. I was a bit annoyed and didn’t want to do it but complied because I didn’t want to get into an argument.

I filled out the form as quickly as possible and I didn’t really give 100% accurate information about myself I just wanted information about memberships and make my decision to sign up or move on. I gave them the form and hoped to get some information but instead was brought over to a separate area of the gym by a man. He looked a little out of it as if to be on drugs and reeked of cigarettes. Doesn’t really send a great message to have your staff smelling like cigarettes at a fitness facility.

He tried talking to me about my fitness goals and I really just wanted information about their club, not to talk about what I wanted to do with my life. It was so frustrating. He told me a little bit the fitness facility and how it is critically acclaimed and wins awards, again I still didn’t care I just wanted information on rates. I inquired about them again with this employee and he said I’ll work it out with the manager at the end of the tour.

So he walked me through the tour and I’ll admit the facility was very nice, but over the top. It had a swimming pool, hot tub, basketball court, rock climbing wall as well as the traditional gym equipment. I had little interest in all the extra amenities, I was just interested in the gym aspect, but they still wouldn’t give me any information on prices.

Finally we finished the tour and the worker turned me over to his manager to discuss pricing. He was trying to wheel and deal to make it appear like I was getting a good deal, but the prices were just way out of control. The start up membership fee was $150 and it was $60 a month on top of that all in a two year agree contract that you had to sign to join.

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There was no way I wanted to spend that much money so I said thanks for the information and I’ll go home and think about it. The manager looked particularly peeved with me and made a very suggestive remark that I wasn’t classy enough or rich enough to join this club anyways which I found very offensive. So this whole annoying experience could have been avoided if they simply would have been straight forward with me about price and we could have saved every ones time.

Everyone at Rush Fitness seemed to have an arrogant attitude and seemed to feel like they were above everyone else. Even if the prices were lower I don’t think I would have joined there anyways. I was really unhappy with how I was treated and I wouldn’t recommend this facility in Greensboro NC to anyone.

One thought on “Rush Fitness Complaint – this fitness company will waste your time and is extremely overpriced

  1. Sixty is to much for any gym I’m a pro athlete and have lots of money sorry but when u work in gym like the red neck who made you feel bad that gym was not for you cause you can’t afford it him and most people who work in gym make no money he’s poor and could not afford a shit from my ass get a real job rush fit sucks cock

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