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RushFlyers business card flyer reviews is definitely the place to get full color, glossy business cards and flyers of the highest quality for far less!

Are you looking to print some business cards that really stand out or some flyers that will get noticed better than anything you’ve ever used? Then you need to check out I wanted to get some business cards and then used to paying about $30 per thousand from a local printer. For this price I get white card stock with the typical couple of lines, business logo and nothing that really stands out.

For between $12 and $19 on I get double sided, full color UV coated stock that looks absolutely amazing. I couldn’t even imagine what the local printer would charge me for this (probably around $120 per thousand or more). I had to give you a range for the price because of ordered from them several times and sometimes I have a coupon card or they have a special and the price is less.

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Same thing with flyers. I can’t come any words near the prices of flyers and more on’s website. Their quality is second to none and they ship really fast (unlike VistaPrint). Their flyers really pop and so do their business cards. And if you want something custom done they can do that for you too.

I love the business cards I had made up through them. They look so professional and they stick out like an advertisement. They are way better than those cheap white card stock ones I used to buy from my local printer on South Boulevard in Charlotte North Carolina.

Actually if heard a lot of feedback also on these cards and flyers. My customers are telling me that they’ve actually use them and still do as bookmarks. They said they were colorful and nice and they work great as bookmarks and they don’t bend easily. This is a big plus because if they’re using them as bookmarks then that means every time they flip through their favorite book they seem me and my name – there is no amount of advertising that can equate that!

People are impressed when I give them these colorful business cards. Sometimes they ask me if I spend a fortune making these business cards. Now you know the truth. I actually get these for far less (about half the price) than I was paying for regular card stock business cards.

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Another added plus is this UV heavy coding that they put on these business cards and flyers makes them waterproof so I can put them on cars in a parking lot and not have to worry about it raining. I can also stick them to outdoor message boards and they will look just as good after several rainstorms as when I just put them on there.

If you need business cards or flyers were something similar printed and you want the best quality at the best possible price then you definitely need to check out I did and was very impressed.

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