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Russell Toyota Baltimore Maryland car dealership review – I caught the finance manager and staff trying to rip me off!

Russell Toyota Baltimore Maryland car dealership review
I caught the finance manager and sales staff lying to me at Russell Toyota!

Not too long ago I found myself in the finance office at Russell Toyota in Baltimore Maryland (6324 Baltimore National Pike) with a young finance manager named Mr. Castro or something similar to that. He was going to be doing the finance work on the car that I was purchasing. At one point he got up and excuse himself as he had to take a personal phone call or something like that.

I noticed that he had left the folder for my car purchase on his desk. Now before I go and tell you more about this folder, I must first tell you about the deal I supposedly had on this car. I and the original salesperson along with their management staff had negotiated a deal where I was told by the sales manager that there was absolutely no profit being made at the price that they sold it to me at.

So that means they’re supposed to be zero profit else they were lying. The finance manager said the same thing when I questioned him about the extended warranty, the financing and more. In his words this was a bare-bones deal. He told me the purpose of the finance office was as a courtesy to their customers to give them quicker financing and more options. He specifically stated that they do not make a profit from their finance office.

So, being that the finance manager, Mr. Castro, took leave of the office for a while and the fact that the folder on his desk contained my personal information, I couldn’t help myself but open it up and look through it. The first thing that I immediately noticed was that he lied to me about the rate that was approved at by the bank.

I saw the actual faxed approval from the bank and it was for 3 percentage points less for the same term. So that right there told me that these clowns and this finance manager were already lying to me because they were holding three percentage points on me. That may not seem like a lot, but on a $30,000 car that thousands of dollars in profits to this car dealership!



I later ended up talking to a guy that used to work for Russell Toyota. He specifically stated that they always lied to their customers and told them it was a bare-bones deal when in fact they would always hold several thousand dollars in profits by holding three points on the loan approval rate.

So when I look in this folder there wasn’t just one approval that was far lower than the rate I was quoted. There were several. Being that I saw this and I knew now that the finance manager Mr. Castro was lying to me about my approval rate, who knows what else he has lied to me about. Who knows what else this car dealership has lied to me about. So I just got up and walked on out of the car dealership.

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Apparently they didn’t even notice me leaving and didn’t notice that I was gone for at least an hour. I know this because then they called my home and left a message on my answering machine. I later found out after doing some research that they were probably planning on making a $7000 or so profit off of me.

They marked up the extended warranty 100%. They were holding three points on me on the finance rate, and then it turned out that their bare-bones deal or no profit deal as they said on the new car was a complete farce.

At the price they were going to sell me the new car they had an $1100 profit above the invoice price. Plus they have pulled back and other dealer incentives to add to that. So, the staff at Russell Toyota lied to me over and over again all in the name of trying to rip me off to the tune of some $7,000 or more in pure profit. That is sick! If I were you I would never, ever set foot in Russell Toyota. Make no mistake about it – you are 100% sure to get lied to and ripped off big time there.

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  1. I went to Russell Toyota once and the scumbags there tried to rip me off too. Avoid that car dealership. They are all slime there. They would rip off their own grandmothers there.

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