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Sagebrush Complaint – my steak was all fat and was very over priced for the meat I was getting

My food at Sagebrush was really subpar.

I was in the mood for a steak so I took my wife out to Sagebrush down the street. I know it’s nothing too fancy but it’s conveniently close, and they have pretty expedient service. We got there a little late, about 9 o’clock so the place was pretty dead considering it was a week night. I always feel bad coming in right before a restaurant closes, but we stayed anyways.

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Our waiter came over and took our drink orders and looked a little unhappy we were arriving so late. I could understand since I had worked in the restaurant business before, and by the end of the night you just want to get out of there. Regardless he sucked it up and did his best to be pleasant throughout our meal.

I was wavering over which steak to get, the sirloin or something a little better. I decided to get the fillet steak after my wife convinced me to do so. I was excited having not eaton all day so this filet steak I expected it to be really good.

Our food came out and pretty fast and I must say I was really disappointed in my quality of meat I was served. For a 17 dollar steak it was a terrible piece of meat. The whole exterior of the steak was pure fat. I had to cut off a huge portion of it just to get the non fatty meat. It was a real disappointment. My wife wasn’t happy with her dish either. She said he seafood dish didn’t taste very fresh.

I’m not really one to complain at restaurants so I just ate what was there and it was still tasted decent, but I felt I got gypped on the amount of meat I should have gotten. My mashed potatoes I got with my meal were okay but nothing fantastic. Our waiter came over and noticed all the fat and grizzle on my plate and took the initiative to see if he could do something about it.

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I didn’t even ask, but he went out of his way to see if he could take care of the situation. The manager came over and agreed that it was a poor piece of meat I was served and took $5 off my meal. I was happy they at least were trying to do something about it, and I appreciate that they took the initiative to care about it. You don’t often see that at many restaurants.

I don’t know if I’ll rush back to Sagebrush any time soon since the food was really subpar. However I appreciated their genuine service they provided me as well as initiative they took to take care of my steak. I can definitely say you don’t see that at many restaurants anymore these days.

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