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Saving money on cell phone accessories and service – I looked around and here’s what I found

Saving money on cell phone accessories and service - I looked around and here's what I found
If you are using Verizon wireless you NEED to read this!

My cell phone’s battery just quit working the other day. I have an HTC Imagio and it was quick and easy to fine the correct battery online at many different websiteswith prices ranging from upwards of $40 or more to down near $3.60 or so for with free shipping. That’s quite a range in price.

Just for the heck of it I looked up the battery on Verizon’s website to see what they would charge. I knew it was going to be more money as it always is with them. I used to use Verizon two or three years ago and I left their service to try some lower-priced services like Cricket and the Wal-Mart family plan (hosted through T-Mobile).

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Cricket was a nightmare and was absolutely ridiculous. Every month they screwed up their billing plan and even though I paid on time somehow I was always ending up getting cut off for a week or week and a half. Being that I am self-employed and that I use my cell phone quite often that was not acceptable. After I left they kept calling me and emailing me to come back to their service plan saying it was all fixed.

So I did and guess what? The same thing happened again and again and again. They can’t get automatic billing figured out at Cricket. It is annoying and then they treat you like a deadbeat when you try and get your phone reactivated even though you paid and it’s their fault, not yours. Two years later they are still spamming my email inbox and calling my home phone to bug me about how they have changed their service and everything will be better – right…

Another thing I hated about Cricket was that I kept getting phone calls for people I had no idea who they were from collection agencies. Apparently Cricket recirculates or recycles their cell phone numbers from deadbeat customers. So I left Cricket and then went to the Wal-Mart family wireless plan (which uses the T-Mobile network). I had to give it a try this for two phones it ended up being $35 each plus tax for unlimited talk, text, web and data – just try getting that for $35 a month from Verizon – you will be some where’s well over 180 or more and they no longer have unlimited data.

Since switching to the Wal-Mart cellular plan I have actually had better phone service than I had even with Verizon. I ended up purchasing my phone (an HTC Imagio) through and got a great deal on it – $80 plus free shipping and handling. So I have no complaints with the Wal-Mart cellular plan to this day. Anyway, what caused all this to happen here was that my cell phone’s battery after two or three years of use died the other day.

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So I went on the internet and shopped around. Batteries for less had one for $14.99 plus shipping charges which came out to somewhere around $20. The cheapest price I could find for a new replacement battery for the HTC Imagio cellphone was through for $3.60 and it came with free shipping – definitely the best deal by far. but as I told you earlier I checked Verizon’s website for the heck of it because this HTC Imagio was originally a Verizon phone that I bought unlocked through and also because I just wanted to see what they’re charging now for stuff.

What I couldn’t believe is I couldn’t find the price for the battery that I needed through their website. There was no phone number listed that I could contact, but there was the option for chat with an employee. So I chose that and I spoke to a nice employee named Terry T. She tried to be helpful, but the problem ran up against is Verizon and their ridiculous pricing policies. Verizon is still ripping off customers left and right just like they were when I was with them 2 to 3 years ago.

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