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Below is the actual chat transcript which I’m quite sure you will find interestingto say the least:

Tierra T.: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
You: what is the price to order a replacement battery for an htc imagio?
Tierra T.: Would you mind holding for a moment while I check that information?
You: thanks.
Tierra T.: Your welcome.
Tierra T.: I apologize out syatem is running a little slow.
You: okay.
Tierra T.: Thank you.
Tierra T.: Would you like for me to send you the link of the battery?
You: yes. that would be nice.
You: what is the price?
Tierra T.: $39.99.
Tierra T.: Click here for information on the HTC STANDARD BATTERY.
You: That’s a little steep isn’t it? A new one is on for $3.60 with free shipping.
Tierra T.: With amazon you wont get the warranty.
You: I could get 13 batteries so who needs the warranty?
You: here’s the link:
Tierra T.: I apologize but I can’t pull up that link.
You: copy it and paste it in your window.
Tierra T.: We only can pull up the verizon website.
You: what is your monthly phone fees now with unlimited data?
Tierra T.: We don’t have unlimited data, it’s just the 2gb for $30, 5gb for $50, and 10gb for $80.
You: dang – thats high. I have unlimited data and everything for $35 per phone through T-Mobile and Walmart.
Tierra T.: I apologize but this is verizon wireless new plan. We use to have unlimited data, we no longer have that plan.
You: does that include unlimited talk and text too at those prices?
You: or is that extra?
Tierra T.: Unlimited text will be $20 unlimited talk will be $69.99
You: so, you charge 89.99 plus a minimum of $30 for data?
Tierra T.: Yes that is correct.
You: Wow, I pay $35 for unlimited talk, text and data.
You: thats all included at $35 per month and no cancelation fees or anything.
Tierra T.: You can get the 450 minutes voice $39.99 with mobile to mobile free nights and weekends.
You: I get everything (unlimited talk, text and data) for $35 per month. Why would I want a far worse plan for more money?
Tierra T.: I apologize if you aren’t satisfied with our plans.
You: uhm, they’re terrible apparently.
Tierra T.: Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
You: hold on.
Tierra T.: No problem.
You: my computer got stuck for a second.
Tierra T.: Okay.
You: No, thats all. I’m a writer for several large consumer reporting websites and am just comparison shopping for an article I am writing.

With low-priced services like Wal-Mart’s family plan that actually provide better service for far less it’s a wonder that Verizon is still in business. To start with, just look at the price of the battery. At that point she did not know if I was a customer of theirs or not and regardless of whether or not you are a customer they charge the same price – $39 for the battery.

And at that price it’s not even an extended battery it’s just a regular replacement battery. I shouldn’t be able to go on the Internet and find one for 1/10 of the price like I did at That just goes to show you that Verizon is ripping off its customers. Then you can go further and look at the comparison of the cell phone plans. Yes, if you need to have the newest phone then you probably were are going to go with a plan like Verizon’s with a Droid Incredible or similar all set up and ready to go for you at $199 down and $130 to $180 or more per month when you factor in the talk, text, web and data plans.

But think about it and look what I did. I purchased a fully functional smart phone that does everything I could ever want or need it to do for less than $100. And by joining the Wal-Mart family plan I only pay $35 per month for each of two phones (it’s actually $45 per month for the first phone and $25 per month for each additional phone, but it still works out to be the same $35 per month if you have two cell phones like I do).

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So if you figure that out and you were to use the lowest data plan from Verizon for comparison I save over $100 per month or $1200 per year plus that extra $99 for the initial smart phone purchase. That’s $1300 per year that I don’t have to pay and I basically get the same level of service and everything – actually I get better service, but lets overlook that for now.

As you can clearly see I would highly advise that if you or a Verizon customer that you review your plan and start shopping around for better service, rates and more. Oh, on another note Verizon also has a $350 cancellation fee – I have zero cancellation fee with my Wal-Mart plan. So next time around by your own smart phone online like I did from or Then find a good low priced cell phone service like Wal-Mart family mobile.

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