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Scarowinds Review – Carowinds haunted theme park is a great Halloween attraction

I had a great time at Scarowinds haunted theme park.

During Halloween I am always looking to find the best haunted houses, corn mazes, and other haunted attractions to do at this festive time of the year. I suggested to some friends that go to Scarowinds on a group date to see how this place was. I had heard some good things about Scarowinds but decided it was time I find out for myself.

Tickets were a little cheaper if we bought them in advance online so we did just that. It was $30 a ticket which wasn’t too bad considering you got admission to the parks full features including all the roller coasters and rides. We pulled up about 8 and the parking lot was filling up fast. So we parked and walked briskly towards the enterance.

The park looked dark and ominous as we approached the front gate. We weren’t really sure which way to go since it was so dark, but got a map of the park and did our best to read it with the light from our cell phones. We decided to try a couple of haunted trails first.

The first haunted trail we went on was in a dark maze. It was based on the theme of rejected and thrown out toys which was a different theme than I had seen elsewhere at other haunted attractions around the North Carolina and South Carolina areas. The maze had some good twists and turns as well as some scary creatures that jumped out at you that got me to jump a few times.

After a few haunted trails and houses we wanted to ride a few roller coasters. The first on the list was the new Intimidator roller coaster at Carowinds. I had heard the advertisements of these being the fastest and longest coaster in the South East so I had to find out what it was like for myself. We were all really excited to ride the Intimidator at Carowinds.

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This roller coaster wasn’t haunted, but was by far the scariest thing that happened to me that night. The coaster only straps you in at your waist, but that didn’t stop it from taking you upside down. On most roller coasters everyone is screaming (mostly in fun) but there was nothing but dead silence on this ride.

I had a great time with my friends at Scarowinds this past Halloween and can not wait to go back this coming Halloween. Most of the rides were up and running and the haunted houses and haunted trails were up to par too. I hope they change the haunted houses up a bit next year to keep things fresh.

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