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Science Diet Weight Loss System for dogs at Pet Smart review – does this weight loss system for pets really work and is it worth the extra money?

Science Diet Weight Loss System for dogs at Pet Smart review
We tried the Science Diet weight loss system for dogs and found it to be a complete waste of money!

With all the latest crazes on weight loss systems and dieting it was inevitable that someone would take this and apply it to pets.  Now comes the Science Diet weight loss system for dogs.  I found this out in a advertisement from my local PetSmart that I had received in the mail. According to the advertisement it contains pre-portioned meals and doggy biscuits so that you don’t over feed your dog.

The cost of this prepackaged weight-loss system from Science Diet it is a little steep at $59.99 (basically $60 plus tax) for medium to large sized dogs.  It’s $45 for one for a similar weight loss system for small dogs.  My wife thought it would be  neat and that it might help keep our dog’s a little better fit as they are nearing middle-age for dogs now.

when we got the package home basically all it is is the equivalent of maybe a 30 to 35 pound bag of dog food packaged into smaller daily portions along with some biscuits also prepackaged.  Basically it’s a new container at a higher price for better profits for Science Diet and PetSmart.  I prefer to save a bundle and buy a huge bag of dog food from Wal-Mart for around $20.

All one has to do is control how much food you give your dogs everyday.  It isn’t that hard.  You take a scoop and measure how much you want to give them and put it in their bowl.  It’s a no-brainer.  there is no need to pay $60 for someone to prepackaged the same exact dog food for you.  Plus they give you less anyway.

If you prefer not to get the Wal-Mart brand of dog food and you want to spend a little bit more money you can always go with the Science Diet brand and by a 35 pound bag for about $35 at PetSmart and some where’s around $28-$30 at Wal-Mart.  unless you are extremely lazy and can’t figure out how to measure or keep track of how much dog food you’re feeding your dog then you do not need the more expensive Science Diet weight loss system for dogs.

Just like with humans, and as most every veterinarian will tell you, being overweight 99 times out of 100 is due to overeating and lack of exercise.  the same holds true with your dog or pet.  If you do not let them out to run around if you have a fenced in backyard or take them for daily walks they will probably become overweight.

Also if you feed them too much they may tend to do that to.  And be careful about feeding your dog table scraps.  Even though dogs love the human food it may not be the healthiest food for them.  I have found it best to just feed them a certain measured amount of Roy’s brand Wal-Mart dog food every day.  I then take my dogs for daily walks and this works best.

In my opinion the Science Diet weight loss system for dogs is a complete waste of money and ridiculous.  Use your head, don’t over feed your dog and exercise them daily.  and be sure and give them lots of love and care in between and they will be fine and healthy for many years to come.

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