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Hey Everybody - is now on Facebook - check us out and be sure and add us as a friend so you can follow the latest and hottest reviews and more!

Hey, everybody – Your favorite consumer reporting and reviews website – – is now on Facebook. So, now you can check out the latest reviews and comment on them on our Facebook page. Get involved and see what other people like and are commenting on.

If you’re an avid Facebook user it’s easy for you to go and look at our Facebook page and see what’s new, what restaurants people like or don’t like, what products are good, what scams are hot right now and what to watch out for. I think it’s important to understand that were not completely out of this recession yet and scams are still abounding out there – so you need a great resource like ScreamingReviews to keep you abreast of what is going on out there and what to watch out for.

Be sure and place your comments and opinions out there. We want to see what you think. Is that complaint or review bogus or right on? Did you eat at a restaurant and have a different experience? Is there a topic that was not covered yet that you feel is important and needs to be covered – then definitely tell us about it.

This is a free website and a great consumer resource, but it is solely dependent upon the users and contributors to place posts, reviews, complaints, comments, etc… your opinions can help guide the purchasing and spending habits of others. You can help warn someone of a potentially harmful product or a scam cleaning service that cleans more than you bargained for.

You have the power to help others by spending a few minutes and recounting from your experience what is good, what is valuable, what sucks and more. I get emails every day of how ScreamingReviews has helped people become more knowledgable and better able to negotiate with car dealers to get great prices, or find great deals at the mall, and so on.Take a minute and check out our facebook page (just click on the Facebook link in the upper right sidebar on any page of our website or click on the link below).

Be sure and like us on Facebook so you can be updated on the latest reviews, complaints, scams and more. And then be sure and get involved. You can have a great impact through this website. Google loves ScreamingReviews and sees it as one of the most trusted consumer review sources out there. So get involved and start sending in your reviews and be sure and add us as a friend on Facebook – you’ll be glad you did and so will everyone else!

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