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Sears Kenmore and Kenmore Elite appliance complaint – Sears sells low quality appliances that are junk!

Sears Kenmore and Kenmore Elite appliance complaint
From first hand experience let me tell you - Sears Kenmore appliances are junk - do not buy anything from Sears!

When I built my home in 2007, I furnished it fully with Kenmore and Kenmore Elite appliances (purchased 12/2007). I did not move in and begin using the appliances until 6/2008. I chose Sears Kenmore appliances  because they used to build good products and their brand used to mean quality. I can tell you from first hand experience that is definitely not the case anymore. Sears now sells junk and don’t forget it!

I suppose it should have been a red flag to me when I was buying the appliances from Sears that the salesperson pushed the master protection plans and basically begged me to at least buy the one to cover the washing machine. Maybe she needed the commission she was going to get or maybe there was more to the story.  Maybe she knew that Sears sells crappy appliances under the Kenmore and Kenmore Elite brands.

Well, it turned out that she was right.  These appliances from Sears are all junk and you will need every bit of warranty you can get with them!  I had numerous serious problems with all of the appliances and if I had not had the plan the repairs would have cost me thousands of dollars.  There were many repairs from the time I first had them installed until now.  I have never seen such junk appliances in my life.

Now, today,  the dishwasher once again has started leaking.  This is a yearly thing as it seems like clockwork that once a year the dishwasher starts to leak.  It start s slow and then it just really drains all over the kitchen floor and creates a huge mess.  The dishwasher is only used one every 1 to 2 weeks and this is ridiculous for this Kenmore brand dishwasher to be doing this.

Now get this – the cost to have the service tech come out has only recently miraculously and mysteriously doubled from $65 to $129.00 and the coupon which I was given by Sears and which was supposed to apply to this repair was refused by the technician because he said the $129.00 was a special??!!  Now the techs refuse to honor Sears coupons.  Maybe the techs know something we don’t – Sears is pure crap and sells junk!  No wonder why Wal-Mart kicked their proverbial ass in the business world.

To beat all, the tech after looking the machine over said the dish washer door was warped and had to be replaced to fix the leaking problem and he said it would be more beneficial to buy a new dishwasher than pay $358.00 to fix this one which, by the way, he could not say if the new door would fix the problem. So, $129.00 for absolutely nothing except telling me that I have a bad product and a junk dishwasher from Sears.

To say I am a disappointed customer is a grievous understatement. Taking advantage of customers by selling poorly built products and junk and then the shady (to say the least) service practices is simply shameful.


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  1. I also bought a kemore elite piece of junk,used it 4 times it leaked, raised up hardwood flooring took 2 months to go back down bought a new part hooked it up in garage this time still leaked, guess i will be looking for a new dishwasher but it won’t be a sears.

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