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Sentry safe fire-safe security chest review – this safe sucks!

Sentry safe fire-safe security chest review - this safe sucks
I bought a Sentry safe and got all of my stuff stolen from my room at UNCC!

I am a student at UNCC and bought a safe for my valuables and stuff when I am not home. I have roommates and they have friends that I don’t know and can’t trust so I bought this safe at the Home Depot on University Boulevard a few miles down the street. I bought the safe for like $22 with taxes included.

I know the safe was small, but I only needed to put some money and a few other items like my iPod and digital camera in there. I also put my HTC cell phone in there when I go to the gym to workout. That’s about it. I don’t have much else that is valuable or important (except for the picture of my Dad that died last year – I miss him so much).

Anyways, I only had this Sentry key lock safe for a few weeks and then it happened – someone got into it and took my money, ipod, cellphone and cash. They took everything except for some paperclips and a few pieces of paper – they even took the picture of my deceased father.

They didn’t break the safe or anything. It was locked and I opened it to find it as being pretty much empty. I couldn’t believe it. I reported it to the UNCC police but, of course, they couldn’t do anything. There were no fingerprints – the person that did this must have used gloves or something else to cover their hands.

The person that did this also must have had a master key or something like that. I just found that by looking the Sentry safe up online that they are extremely unreliable and easy to break into. According to one website all it takes is a piece of flat metal or a screw driver.

One website even showed exactly how to do it with several different methods (one even used a paperclip). I lost about $70 cash, my ipod, my HTC cell phone and my picture of my Dad. None of my roommates know anything about what happened. Of course not. I live in Smurf Village and no one knows anything.

Someone did this. The UNCC police asked me if I misplaced the items or left them at a friends apartment – if that were the case do you think I would be reporting this theft? The UNCC police are a bunch of morons that couldn’t find their way in the dark. Anyways, the Sentry safe security chest thing they sell at the Home Depot sucks – don’t get one. Anyone can easily break into it and steal your stuff like happened to me.

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