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SharePoint – How to change the left side navigation links

If you need or want to change the left side navigation links on SharePoint, below is exactly how to do it, step-by-step.

1) Click on site actions:

2) 2) Then select site settings:


3)  Next, select Navigation under Look and Feel:


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4) Go down the page and under the Navigation Editing and Sorting select the correct area for the link and then select edit:


5) Change the URL to what the new link should be:


6) Click okay and you are done. Be sure and remember that for the URL you will only be adding the path beyond the root domain – SharePoint will already add in the root. (ie. If root is, and the link is really then you would just add /ghostdepts/ghostfiles/ghost.aspx, you will leave out the part). If you don’t do this the link will be wrong and will not work.

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