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Sharon Crossing apartments review – this apartment complex in Charlotte NC is dirty, noisy and dangerous!

Sharon Crossing apartments review
Here is the building I had my apartment in. I was on the top left and the drug dealers were on the top right. And the crazy Mexican family was on the other side right behind me.

Oh my God, I have to tell you about this apartment complex I stayed at in Charlotte, NC – the Sharon Crossing Apartments off of Sharon Lakes drive – right on the left when you turn in off of South Boulevard.

Sharon Crossing Apartments
2123 El Verano Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28210
(704) 552-5608

It is like little Havana, the hood and the worst parts of Mexico all tied in together. There is a mechanical gate located at the front of the complex which has only one entrance – one way in and one way out. But, after my first month of living in an apartment at Sharon Crossing, the gate broke and was left open. I don’t think the reason for the gate is to keep the bad elements out. Quite the contrary, it is to keep them in.

Once inside you can see that there is a basic loop of El Verano Circle and it loops from the front to the back. The blacks have taken over the back and the Mexicans the front. There are gangs located here and some of their upper members for the Charlotte area either live here or do business (drugs, prostitution, etc…)

My next door neighbor and his 3 pals sold drugs at all hours of the night. I could hear them all night long especially on the weekends. We lived on the second floor and you could hear the constant parade of footsteps going up and down the stairs one after the other. They would go up the stairs and then they would come down the stairs. No one ever stayed there for longer then a few minutes so from the beginning it was quite obvious what they were doing.

Then it wasn’t uncommon for one of the buyers to come and knock on my door at 3 am or similar. They would knock really loud until either I answered the door and told them they need to go to the door across from mine or the drug dealers would hear them and meet them on the landing.

The drug dealers made a lot of money there and are probably still there. They don’t live there. They just used the apartment to deal their drugs out of. They sold cocaine, heroine and pot. And the Charlotte police left them alone because they got paid off by the drug dealers – I know this because I actually saw the Charlotte police officer that would go up the stairs once a week or so to collect their payment from the guys.

On the other side was a Mexican family whose apartment butted up against mine. The husband was having an affair with the lady in the next building. Whenever the wife found out he had been visiting the lady in the next building she would throw plates and glasses at the wall and you could hear them right through the wall. She would throw tons of plates and glasses breaking them all and of course this always happened when I was trying to sleep or watch a movie.

Then there was the air conditioner which never really worked. During a really hot summer with temperatures that reached way over 100 degrees (a few days were over 104°) my air conditioner did not work and I put in several work orders or work requests with the management. The air conditioner never got fixed and the guy never even came over to look at it during the whole entire summer.

The pool was dirty and had a nasty smell like rotten chlorine and body odor. That was why I never used the pool besides the pool area was full of drug addicts, criminals and slimeballs. The workout or weight room that they had was cheap and horrible and there was this freaky old man that would sit there and just stare at me – he was really weird and looked like an older Jeffrey Dahmler.

Then one time there had to have been 30 police cars in the Sharon Crossing Apartment complex. They all had their guns drawn and were looking for a dangerous and armed sexual predator. They barricaded the front gate so that this crazed lunatic couldn’t get out. It turned out he was a resident of the Sharon Crossing complex – what a great place, huh?

The residents think it is an outdoor nightclub and crank up their car radios and play loud rap and Mexican fiesta music into the wee hours of the morning. If you have a convertible like I did and leave the top down you will find 4 or 5 Mexicans sitting in it or sleeping in it in the morning. One time someone even threw up all over the driver’s side of my Ford Mustang that I just had cleaned and waxed.

I could go on and tell you more, but you can get the idea. The Sharon Crossing Apartment Complex is terrible, smelly and dangerous and should be avoided at all costs – you could literally be risking your life by staying there!

2 thoughts on “Sharon Crossing apartments review – this apartment complex in Charlotte NC is dirty, noisy and dangerous!

  1. I almost dont believe the previous review. It almost reeks of someone who is angry and full of slanderous intent. I could be wrong, but my experience as a resident here has been quite the opposite. I will admit I was leery of living around people of other races and nationalities too in the beginning but I immediately found that the fear was unfounded. Noisy never. I feel safe coming and going even at night here. My building is full of families. Everybody has children, with the exception of one unit, and all the kids go to school together and play together. Nobody is hanging in cars with loud music in any of the buildings. I dont even have a problem with insects. Maintenance is quick and I just have no problems here.

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