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Slainte Irish Pub Review – This bar in Naugatuck CT is dirty to say the least

This bar is so gross. Don't go there unless you want to contract an STD.

I was in Naugatuck CT visiting a friend when we decided to go out for a few drinks. I had never been out in Naugatuck before, but I knew it wasn’t the most glamourous place. With my expectations very low we headed out to one of the local hang outs Slainte Irish Pub.

We walked in from the car and the place was packed. There were people outside smoking, and you could see through the window that there was a lot of people inside. I got my hopes up and thought this might actually be a fun place to go since it seemed pretty hopping.

We walked in and had our ID’s checked at the door by a tall grungy looking man. We were in luck tonight. It was karaoke night, so we got to hear all these locals sings their hearts out. There was a man singing when we walked that had no teeth and looked to not have bathed in weeks. You could see the dirt and grease in his hair as we walked by.

I just hoped the rest of the people in there didn’t have the bathing habits. We walked over to the bar and ordered a couple beers. They were moderately priced at $2 a piece which isn’t too bad. We posted up there for a bit and surveyed the crowd. It was a huge mixture of older single (and ready to mingle) people and post high school trailer trash.

This definitely met the expectations I had for Naugatuck CT. I can see why it was called the “dirty” valley. My friend and eye were approached by many extremely drunk and trashy women throughout the night. I was scared I was going to get herpes from just talking to them. Who knows what kind of STD’s were floating around this place.

After mingling with the locals for a bit we decided to head home early. The trashiness of the bar was a bit over baring. I definitely won’t be back at this place again. The women that were there hanging out were absolutely disgusting, and the old hobo looking men didn’t help the stigma of Slante Irish Pub. If you are trying to avoid STD’s, definitely don’t go there.

4 thoughts on “Slainte Irish Pub Review – This bar in Naugatuck CT is dirty to say the least

  1. Learn to spell correctly, please. It is evident that your lack of education, or mere haste, has caused you to pass ill judgement upon the folks at this bar. It is saddening that you’re apparently a CPA as well…pathetic….no wonder this country is experiencing a financial crisis hahahahaha….there are morons like you checking the books! Please dont come back….ever.

  2. Judging by the tone of your appraisal you must have much higher standards than those of the patrons of this bar, and by your grammar and spelling you must be well educated individual. “EYE” can only hope that the population of Naugatuck is smart enough, being trailer trash and all, to use a computer and stumble across this article, thereby raising their level of cleanliness and self awareness to appeal to you and those of your high moral upbringing. Let me be the first to apologize to you and express our deep sadness that you wont be returning to this disease ridden, trailer trash filled establishment in the future. I’m not a Naugatuck resident myself, however, I have many friends that are and none of them resemble anything close to trailer trash. Do everyone a favor, take a break from judging others and do a little bit of self reflection, you can find that it gets lonely when you stand on a pedestal by yourself for too long. “EYE”

  3. Slainte has been given an “excellent” rating by the health inspector and has new management, offers a ton more menu items, live music, raw bar Wednesdays, wing and drink specials and some of the nicest people in town.

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